finneas at ten months.

unfortunately for us all, blogger is not allowing me to upload photos today, so i'll try to be brief.  (lengthy posts are only made more tolerable by the presence of photos.)

ten month stats:

weight: 17.0 lbs (first percentile)
height: 28.5 inches (32nd percentile)
fave wrasslin move: the lightning bolt

kid is fast and kid is hungry.  his main activity at this point involves busting over to the dining room table and filling his hamster cheeks with anything his little hands can grab in the .2 seconds before i snatch him up and mouth-sweep him.

this month, he learned to clap and say 'dada.'  i'm also somewhat confident he says 'hi,' but since it just sounds like, 'aaaaah,' i'm not positive.  he's pulling himself up on the furniture, which he seems to think makes him a man now.

we're working (again) on getting him to sleep through the night.  he was back into his old habit of waking every two hours or so and wanting to eat.  needless to say, i was done entertaining that and for about the last week or so, we have been letting him cry it out.  before now, i've been hesitant to be too strict about it, but since he's taking all his feedings from a bottle now, and i know exactly how much he's getting, i'm much less worried that he's legitimately hungry and am sure it's just habit at this point.  so i've been somewhat heartless.  but it's been a good week, and he's only waking up about once a night at this point, and once he gets himself back to sleep, he sleeps until 8:00 or 8:30.  bliss.

he finally moved into 6-9 month clothing, and although he's still only in the first percentile, he gained an entire pound last month, so i'm feeling really good about that.

he had an eye doctor appointment, and will need glasses come march when he turns a year old.  bummer, but i'm glad to catch it early, i guess.

... i think that's it.  we're still loving having him part of our family, and even though life is a bit chaotic right now, he's still just as chill and fun as ever.