bathroom emergency at the van voorst house.

the other day the dreaded inevitable happened: i didn't realize there was no more toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom until it was too late.  i panicked, trying to figure out what i was going to do, when i realized that atticus is now big enough to run errands for me.  phew, sigh of relief.

so i'm all, atticus come in here.  (the first time ever, i might add, that i was alone in the bathroom and requested preschooler company.)  i ask him to go upstairs to the bathroom and get me more toilet paper.  so he speeds away, all proud of himself for being so necessary.

as i'm sitting there awaiting his return, i'm priding myself on the fact that, after four years of nothing but input-input-input, i am now at a parenting stage where i can expect to start reaping some benefits from this whole 'house fulla people' thing.  my kids will soon start contributing and TODAY IS THE DAY THEY WILL START!

atticus returns, knocks on the door, and brings me a single square of two-ply carefully clutched in his tiny hand.  that's not helpful.  i give up.


todd said...

in fairness, he brought you more toilet paper than you had. but, in all honesty, some toilet paper is probably worse than ENOUGH toilet paper. like half a squirrel for dinner, right?

YAYA said...

Be glad he had a square to spare!