weekly wuzzup.

this week, we were a little more active, but the biggest story around here was that finneas had a huge - and i mean huge - whitehead on his chin.  i was going to take a photo to share the monstrosity of it with you fine folks, but when i went to wipe some milk off his chin yesterday morning, the thing blasted open and is no more.  your loss.

what else? we ventured across the street to visit the 90-year-old neighbor, who lost a tooth three days ago and still doesn't know where it went.

i'm feeling pretty good, pregnancy-wise, although i'm growing much more quickly than i have with any of my previous kids.  i'm thinking it probably has to do with that whole phenomenon where, when you first buy an empty balloon it's all pristine and shiny and smooth, and then you blow it up (which takes some effort), and then you let the air back out and it's all shriveled and saggy and sad-looking, and then you blow it up again and it's really not much work at all. and how each subsequent inflation becomes just that much easier, and each subsequent deflation becomes just that much wrinklier.  you know what i mean.  i feel like i'm in an easy-to-blow-up inflation stage.  to be followed by a sad, soggy, never-be-the-same deflation stage.  whatever. the point of all that is to say, i'm growing.

last night i went out for mexican food with some friends and we talked about whose kids poop in the yard, the official rules regarding who you should and shouldn't moon, and how, at a certain point, no one really measures margaritas in ounces but rather the size of your cupped hands when you describe to them what size you're hoping they'll bring you.  turns out, a kidless night out with grownups kind of feels like a night out with kids.  in a good way.

and that was our week.  oh yeah, we didn't die in the ice storm, so that's a boon.

how was your week?


todd said...

have those kids aim their poop at the compost and you are all the sudden transformed from a lazy parent to a multi-tasker. eat your heart out Martha, Mary just found a way to sit on the couch and check off boxes on her to-do list.

Anonymous said...

Love it! And I so enjoy adult conversation :-)