today is a listy day.

so i will tell you why hashtags usually bug me.

1.  they often mean nothing.  half the time people use hashtags that are clearly just made up and no one would ever in a million years want to look for the myriad things listed under that tag.  #example: #myarmreallyhurts #ishouldprobablycallthehomenurse #ibetifsomeonemademebreakfastinbedmyarmwouldnthurtsobad.  who in the world would ever search for those things hoping tons of people posted under that tag?

2.  they are frequently longer than the actual thing you are trying to say#example: 'i'm eating an arby's sandwich. #ifoundthisinmybackseatandhavenoideahowolditis #probablynotthegreatestideaiveeverhad

3.  people feel the need to use fifty bajillion hashtags for one status update/tweet#example: watching college football with the bros.  #gohawks #collegefootball #iowahawkeyes #iowahawks #letsgoteam #ilovequarterbacks #wingsareawesome #letsdothisthing #cyclonessuck #blackandgold

4.  even if, on the off-chance, your nonsensical tags actually get you some sweet, sweet attention from hashtag browsers, the posts themselves aren't all that interesting without the hashtag#example: swiss cheese is my fave #goodeats.  i'm constantly shocked at the things people think other people should find interesting.

5.  people who use hashtags sometimes usually use hashtags all. the. time.  self-explanatory.

we all have a choice to make.  we can use our hashtags responsibly, or we can throw them around like dollar bills at a strip club.  please, people; we are not rappers.  we have no business making it rain.  keep your head down, your nose out of the coke, and your hashtag usage frugal.


Jessica said...

I wish hashtags were as delicious as hashbrowns. THEN we would be onto something.

todd said...


whenjeskasparks said...

hahaha. for me, hash tags are, at least on facebook, my new parenthesis. i have no intention of using them as a real hash tag and just enjoy them as a silly afterthought that can sneak in the back door hopefully semi-unnoticed. usually it's something snarky/embarrassing/silly that i'd put in normal text if it wasn't as such, so it also works as a quiet punchline for me. hash tags on twitter is great but kinda useless unless you're really searching for something. in which case, use google.
shrug. i like 'em.

sidenote: i was going to send you these abraham lincoln cookie valentines for obvious reasons, but i don't think they're gluten free. shall i send them anyway?

YAYA said...

Happy Abraham Lincoln's birthday!

Lisagrace Alsbury said...

I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS POST. You put into words everything I also think of hashtags. It's like people don't know what a hashtag is for!

todd said...

two weeks in a row with no vid veds.


that's an unhappy face.