enjoying some cheap happiness.

it's february.  cold, dreary, snowy, brown, grey february.  blah.  but you know what's helping me get through it?  this handy book:

i found it at an estate sale a couple years ago for fifty cents, and that's some pretty cheap happiness right there.  it's from 1951 and has THE. BEST. flower gardening tips of all time.  not to mention the fact that some of the black and white photos were touched up with color.  friendly!  quaint!

i mean, doesn't this cool and relaxed, 'laying-on-a-picnic-blanket-admiring-my-perfect-roses-and-picket-fence' lady make you just want to jump on that blanket with her?  and maybe, while you're there, do her a little favor and slather her arms with tanning oil?

don't you absolutely wish you had sun-smocked twins picking apples in your yard?!  (and those twins would only be about 70 years old today.)

as for vegetable gardening, i'm personally loving this example diagram of a garden for a family of four.  please notice that the garden's dimensions are 49.5 x 24.  that's about 1200 square feet for those of you following along at home.

and here are a couple of can't-live-without garden tools: the rotary mower and the hand-pumped pressure sprayer.

this book is helping me grapple with the fact that i probably won't garden much, if at all, this year.  i have no idea when we're moving, and i have no idea in what state the yard will be when we get there. 

in the meantime, i'm dreaming about the day when the state of my life is reversed and i have a green thumb and soil that does not poison all living things.  which basically means i've been poring over this book, writing down vintage flower names and looking them up on pinterest. which is why, if you follow me on there, your main page has been flooded with useless photos of flowers.  sorry about that.


todd said...

how do i know that these aren't just instagram photos with a vintage filter?

The Crislers said...

Yeah, well, that's been one of my favorite parts about Pinterest lately! What's not to love about a flood of beautiful and classic flowers? Keep pinning them, please!