getting there...

this last weekend was a whirlwind of productivity as we continued to plug away at getting the house ready to sell.  some amazing friends came over on saturday morning to help me deep-clean.  i made and hung about a bajillion sets of roman shades.  and, most notably, we got the bedroom walls done.

*cue angelic choir*

yes.  after an estimated forty hours of stripping wallpaper, scraping glue, patching plaster, sanding plaster, taping, priming, painting and touch-up, the bedroom walls now look...well, like normal walls.  it makes me crabby that all the work that went into that room is pretty unapparent since they just look like walls to the untrained eye.  i mean, forty hours of work!  that's more than the labors of all my kids combined, and at least with childbirth you have something to show for it.  whatever.

anyway, here's a reminder of what it looked like back in 2011, when it won the gold medal for being the trashiest part of our house.  until about a month ago, it still looked this way. 

if you think i'm exaggerating about how bad it looked, i'll tell you that atticus typically naps in our bed, and recently he's started freaking out about being in there because of the walls.  if you can't see in the photos above, the walls were bare, chipping, hole-y plaster once we removed the wallpaper.  i will also like to point out that our boob light is missing its actual boob, and our curtains are painter's dropcloth and old curtain panels nailed to the window frame.  seriously, this room could be featured in some expose about a family who locked their kids in a dark room for years and just fed them dog food under the door. 

anyway, it's looking better in there now.  the walls are painted, curtains are hung, and the dresser is...well, still the same chipped old dresser with ornate gold pulls.  something will have to be done about that.

now, i realize this is the part of the post where i present 'after' photos, but alas, i worked until after dark last night, so i haven't taken any yet.  maybe i'll post some tomorrow.  not sure, though, since i still don't have anything hanging on the walls.  sorry to do that to you, but that's how i roll.

boring and anticlimactic post, OUT.


YAYA said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished results!

todd said...

i am looking forward to all the "after" photos.