pretty sure i'm as old and crazy as dirt. probably crazier than dirt.

sorry i've been a little spotty in my posting this week.  you know the weeks where, when you're not cleaning poop off the furniture, you're lying in your bed at 11:30 a.m.and crying about the state of your life?  it's just been one of those weeks. 

i hope i can blame it on the pregnancy hormones (the bawling like a baby, not the poop that was everywhere - i can assure you that wasn't mine), though the fact that i seem to be having a midlife crisis (who am i?! what am i doing with my life?! where am i going?! i want to listen to barbra streisand all. the. time!) started me wondering whether i'm not actually pregnant at all and instead starting menopause.  sudden spare tire? check.  being all, 'i'm hot. i'm cold. i'm hot. i'm cold'?  check.  wanting to eat massive amounts of baked goods?  double check.

so i guess we'll wait and find out.  if i end up having a baby in six months, we'll know i was pregnant all along.  fingers crossed.

in all seriousness, though (well, in part seriousness, part loveable snarky humor, as usual) i'm kind of a basket case.  stuff with the house is going slowly, and the kids seem to be on a wild streak, not to mention they've been sick for the last two weeks.  it's been rough.  but i'm hoping (hoping.  hoping.) that the house will be on the market by monday, and i've already had a realtor contact me about a client who might be interested.  i'm praying for a miracle.  that the house would sell quickly.  for full asking price.  you know, nothing big.  will you pray for that with me?


Amanda Cushman said...

Praying for you!

todd said...

You know that I always have your back.

Anonymous said...


We are having a similar week (or weeks - I've lost count) with colds and snot and poop and wildness. You are not alone!