in which i make excuse for being boring.

hey.  so i realize i've been a total slacker on here lately.  but i do have an excuse:  our home is officially going up for sale TODAY!  there's been a lot to wrap up lately, which is why i've been kind of sporadic in my posting, but after wednesday when everything is as done as it will be and we start showing the house, i promise i'll be back to normal. 

in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled:  the website will be going up (hopefully) sometime today, so i'll post a link when i get it.


todd said...

thank you for the late nights and hard work you've put in.

and all while cooking another kid in your uterus and taking care of three others with your hards.

i love you my darling wife!

paige said...

my hards really have been full lately.

todd said...

your what?

todd said...