update: sneak peek.

i got our room done today! as in, done done.  which i think warrants a two-post day.  i took a few photos, and couldn't wait to show a couple to you.  i'm waiting to borrow a wide-angle lens, so i'll get more 'global' photos up at that point.  but until then...

see? not a scrap of wallpaper in sight!

here's a glimpse at the top of our dresser.  if you look hard enough, you can see fancy gold drawer pulls winking at you from the bottom of the photo, like a creepy but fancy neighbor staring at you over your privacy fence.

the light has been re-boobed.

while i was working on stuff, i cleaned out my closet so it didn't look so small and cramped.  i only kept stuff i would realistically wear in the next couple of months. 

i realized nearly all my clothing is in shades of grey, beige, white, black and navy.  which would be fine if i wore colorful accent pieces or nice bags, but i don't.  so i'm pretty sure i just look depressed all the time.  which might be true.

okay, wide-angle shots to come.


whenjeskasparks said...

i've literally only wore black skinnies with black flats and a black shirt or black hoodie for like a week. or more. i can't remember. the days are blurry. which makes me even more sound weepy and lame. shrug. i just like black. it's classy.

YAYA said...

I like the blue!

todd said...

i want to buy this house!

Jenni and Dan said...

are you realistically going to wear those 4 inch heels hanging out in the back of your closet? if so, i'm pretty impressed.