sorry, but i think it has to be done.

i'm going to shoot you straight:  this has probably been the most trying, overwhelming, defeating season of my life.  i mean, it's hard to say that definitively, since i vividly recall hating marching band season in high school.  also, i detassled corn one summer, which is a job straight from the bowels of hell.  and i had bad forehead acne when i had those huge hairsprayed bangs in the ninth grade.

but i'm guessing this trial at least ties with those.  (although, marching bad was really bad, so maybe this season ties for silver.)

anyway.  what i'm getting at is this:  it's too much.  it's all just too much.  and while i love writing and acting like a turd, both of which have direct outlets on this blog, i'm thinking i need to take a break from writing for the next week or two.  to tell you the truth, i'm feeling completely uninspired, which results in stupid, obligatory blog posts, which no one likes anyway.  so i'm actually doing you a favor.  you're welcome.

so i've decided to lay low until march 1st!  see you back here then!


todd said...


at least i have the real thing at day's end to entertain me.

YAYA said...

You hated detasseling more than you hated marching band! You cried every morning and every evening for 11 - yes ELEVEN whole days, begging me not to make you go back. I still believe you are better for having done this " bowels of hell" job and I would do it all again.

lauren said...

I love you. and love that you are taking time for yourself away. who knows, maybe come march 1, your blog will be shiny and new?!

Amanda Cushman said...

I will miss your hilarious posts but think you are making a great decision! Take time for yourself. You deserve it. I will look forward to March 1st. :)

todd said...

i am very excited for mar. 1st!!!

exclamat!on po!nts!!!!!

todd said...

t minus 2 days and counting!!!