merry christmas!!!!

um, yes.  i'm talking about christmas today.  but like i mentioned last week, a bunch of stuff has gotten lost in the shuffle, and today is the day i bring it to light.  at least it's not february yet.

okay, christmas eve.  we spent it with my dad's side of the family and got to hang out with my amazing grandparents.  i love this photo because the kids are all, "bored. bored. MANIACAL HIGH FIVE!"

christmas morning, we opened gifts at my mom's.  the kids got new jammies and wiggled too much to get a single great photo in front of the tree, so here are a couple runners-up.

i gave penelope the used-to-look-like-a-call-girl doll, and she really liked it...

...but finneas ultimately staked his claim on her.  must be the now-understated makeup she's sporting; he likes girls that look more natural.

penelope also got a toy kitchen, and this photo sums up how she now spends 98% of her waking hours.

she also got down and dirty clean with her new sis-sized broom.

todd opened this gift, which was inexplicably covered with cigarette ashes.  still not sure what was up with that.

atticus is now fully equipped to fulfill his dream as a member of a road crew...

...although, penelope did hijack the safety goggles for her own insane purposes.

and that was our christmas!


todd said...

with all the hoolabaloo i had forgotten a good deal of this in detail. thank you for taking the time to diary it out for us.

YAYA said...

I can't stop smiling at these pictures!