whoa. yes, i am just now getting around to telling you about this.

todd told me the other day that i hadn't posted any pictures lately, so i opened our photo program to see what all had backlogged in there...and i realized i have not yet posted anything about christmas or our trip to south carolina.  wow.  i blame pregger brain and the fact that lately i've been running on lemon water and breath mints alone.

so, today we'll take a quick photo tour of our roadtrip to south carolina. 

it all started with atticus staring down the barrel of the puke bucket:

(luckily the bucket ultimately stayed high and dry.)

oh yeah, and then this was our experience of northeastern missouri and i was all, yeah that's about right:

then about two hours into the trip, the kids were all, 'this forty hours in a car over five days might not be all you cracked it up to be.'

and then we were tempted to go to the bat cave, but we refrained.

and then we finally got to my aunt's house, which looks like a picture out of southern living:

on the way home, the kids conked out.  notice that sisterfriend is sans shirt.  that took about .02 seconds once we got into the car.

and that's our roadtrip.


The Crislers said...

I swear, nearly every photo I see of Atticus makes me feel like he has analyzed me and found my basic makeup to be flawed. Even when he's sleeping.

Amanda Cushman said...

Wow, your aunt's house is gorgeous! Love the inquisitive picture of Atticus too. :)

todd said...

i'm with el crislerettea.

he does have your weaknesses documented in his handy dandy notebook.

todd said...


that probably should be,
"la crisleretta"

p.s. i don't speak spanish.