in which i prove i'm a moron.

photographic proof from the last couple of months:

i look like a stepford wife.  who is wearing a ratty old sweatshirt. 

i look like a stoned stepford wife who thinks penelope's present looks like a pan of delectable brownies.

i have no words.

my less flattering side.

i look very happy to be asleep.

while this one is not of my face, i will mention that this photo was taken at 5:30 pm and you can conclude what you will from that.

and because misery loves company, i'm also throwing lauren under the bus:

and just because this one really is a classic that i love to laugh at:

and this is to prove i don't always look like a moron, even though my kids apparently couldn't care less about the fact that i actually showered before this photo taken:

if you have a blog, consider this your official challenge to post some dorky pictures of yourself.  then link back so that i can laugh and laugh at you.


todd said...

i'm not convinced. i could use some more proof. preferably featuring more of that beaker fellow.

WendyPierce said...

I dont even have pictures of myself from the last year. Consider yourself lucky that at least someone has recorded proof that you existed along with your family. :)

Jenni and Dan said...

I was up for the challenge.