so.  last week i said that this week i'd be starting a new whatsit about how bad i sometimes suck it up as a mom.  well, turns out, i kind of suck at forward planning so...this blog will not be about that (other than the fact that it highlights my tendency toward procrastination).  i WILL start on that next week.  i promise.  and i don't (usually) suck at keeping promises.

in the meantime, here's where we're at with the pregnancy.  this photo was taken last week. 

i don't tend to get noticable-to-other-people-big until the mid-twenties, so i'm still pretty small.  which is TOTALLY fine with me - i do choose to wear some maternity shirts sometimes just because they're more comfortable, but i can still fit into all my normal clothes with a little bit of shimmying and sucking in and prayer.

i'm growing more like i did with atticus (like a basketball, all just right in front) than i did with penelope (like a spare tire, extra weight all around my middle).  and this pregnancy has more closely resembled my pregnancy with atticus - disgusting for the first 14 weeks, then this 'i can do anything because i'm made of magic' feeling.  with penelope, i felt mild-to-moderately nauseous for 20 weeks, then i got depressed for the last 20 and stayed depressed until she was like six months old.  so i have to say, i can't complain that this pregnancy has been more like atticus', only with a LOT less puking - so, positives all around.

we have our ultrasound in two weeks, and i will be organizing a pool, so get your cash out.  we're about to be raising three kids on a single income, so i plan on milking this pregnancy for all the pesos i can.


todd said...

You are one good looking house for a baby.

Allison said...

You look great!!! My guess is a boy!

whenjeskasparks said...

aw man. i miss you. <3<3