how is it the middle of october already?

is anyone else going completely insane?  or is it just me?

i feel like i can't catch my breath - things are so busy lately, and i really am having a hard time keeping up.  there's yard work to do, brush to haul, a garden to till, storm windows to paint and hang, leaves to rake, a massive house to clean, a garage to organize, canning to do, general hygiene to maintain and children to keep in the land of the living. 

i put together a fall cleaning list that is SEVENTEEN PAGES LONG.  it does not include all projects i would like to get done.

my house is cluttered, which makes me feel cluttered.  my schedule is packed, which makes me feel claustrophobic.  my cupboards are perpetually bare, which makes me feel hungry.  and the tiny parasite i'm growing is making me feel sore and grumpy and yet desperate to make this place more like home before march.

this week i have tackled fall cleaning of the bedrooms and canning.  i had a bunch of apples and pears come yesterday, not to mention that my garden recently dropped its amateur status to go pro, so canning is far from letting up.  i have 3/4 of the house left to deep-clean, not to mention the garage and yard, which are time sensitive because of approaching cold weather.  (although, i'm starting to think winter just decided to go on sabbatical this year, so maybe these things aren't time sensitive.)

not to mention, our finances are much tighter this year than in years past because we're homeowners rather than renters, so this christmas will be a crafty little christmas.  which equals a busy little christmas.  pretty soon it will be NOVEMBER and i'm going to have to start on christmas presents.

i am tired, y'all.  dog tired.  so if anyone has any advice or the power to add an extra day or four to each week, lay it on me.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way! My list of stuff that needs to be done before baby keeps getting longer and longer and the weeks until baby girl gets here keeps getting smaller and smaller. I feel like nothing is getting done to make my list smaller!