place your bets.

our ultrasound is next monday (which is also todd's birthday) and i'm getting excited to find out what Van Voorst Parasite 3 has in store for us.

i have to say, i am a bit anxious to find out everything is coming along normally... i want to know for sure that my kid has no more and no less than the standard number of fingers, toes and heads, and that my temporary ability to keep nothing but frappaccino down during the first trimester does not mean that my baby is already sporting plastic-rimmed glasses, a case of the jitters, and a love for all things apple products.  or bearing any kind of resemblance to a gilmore girl.  (okay, if it looked a little like rory i wouldn't hate it.)

after i find out that my baby is developing normally and not already suffering caffeine-stunted growth, then after that, i'm excited to find out the gender.  it's hard to guess based on previous pregnancies, too, since it hasn't been significantly more like one than the other.

first trimester:
more like with atticus, although much less puking.  nausea cleared up at 14 weeks and i've felt great ever since.

standard; like with both of my previous pregnancies, i've craved fountain coke, all things dairy, and movie theater popcorn.  like with penelope, i've craved jalapenos, olives and shellfish (not all together, thank goodness).

the smell and feel of meat.  unique to this pregnancy.  (strong aversion to soap and detergent smells with both previous kids.)

unique to this pregnancy.  clearest my skin has ever been while pregnant - COMPLETELY OPPOSITE to my experience with atticus when my face swelled up and got itchy and painful and rock hard, and scarred all over from all the cysts.

like with atticus: like. a. log.  with penelope, i developed insomnia during the second half of pregnancy, with atticus, i slept like a rock until the day he came home.

other issues:
HORRIBLE restless legs like with both previous pregnancies, although not as bad this time around; i'm way more sore and achey than i ever have been before, i'm more tired, and i don't have heartburn like i did with penelope.

even though it hasn't been markedly more similar to one previous pregnancy or the other, i have a strong feeling about the gender - stronger than i've ever had before.  but we'll see.

and i'm curious to hear what you think - and i'm willing to make this interesting.  i'm going to put together a prize bag for somebody.  i have no idea what's going to be in it at this point, but that's half the fun (so i say).  guess what you think it will be, and if you end up being right, i'll put your name in a hat with all the other correct-guessers and draw one. 

you say that's lame? i say YOU'RE lame and you wouldn't know fun if it bit you on the-  so join the fun, cast your vote and be in the running to win a (potentially though not promisedly) awesome prize.


butwehavethistreasure said...

Can I put one vote in for boy and then one vote in for girl? I want my name in the hat either way. :) Oh, okay. I'll just say boy then.
Emily Vardeman

Allison said...

I guess boy!

Anonymous said...

My guess: boy!

allison said...

I'm going with girl. Just so the odds are in my favor to win the prize if that is the gender.

paige said...

whoa, busting out the strategy! i really hope the quality of the prize bag ends up warranting strategy...i will do my best!

todd said...

would it be lame if I guessed and then was correct and then won the prize bag?

The Crislers said...

My guess is Girl!

Jenni and Dan said...

I say it's a boy!

Megan said...

i'm going with another little....girl!

whenjeskasparks said...

i'm also voting girl. :)
hooray! <3<3

Sarah said...

Jeff and I say girl. So that's technically 2 votes...

Also! My mom just told me that taking tums helps with restless leg. Go figure. I got it super bad with both pregnancies, and still have it occasionally.

Ashley Brekke Hinton said...

I vote girl!! :)