not that anyone cares.

our new kitchen has TONS of cabinet space - so much so that i have lots of empty cupboards even still, and i have a drawer specifically for 'party supplies,' which contains a single candle, a bag of plastic spoons and a set of cookie cutters.  (we're not really party-people around here, contrary to popular misconception.) but i'm desperate to fill the space, so it works.

lucky for me, i have a whole corner that i like to think of as 'my brain.'  it contains all of the stuff i use regularly to organize and run our house, and all the reading materials i'm constantly in the middle of.  here, take a look:

er, actually, like my brain, this is what it looks like most of the time if i'm being entirely truthful:

yikes.  but...maybe it shows that my brain is active and full and productive?  or too lazy to put crap away properly when i'm done with it.  probably the latter.  but you can see in this picture that i have a full cupboard up top and then that drawer below.

the top shelf is for kid-related stuff: coloring books and crayons, puzzles, bubbles, chalk for our chalkboard wall, playdough, paint, etc.

the bottom shelf is for all the stuff that keep me entertained and/or functioning on a basic human level.  here's a closer look:

on the lefthand door is my monthly menu plan (see top picture).

then on the shelf, we'll find the cup full of necessary pens, pencils, rubber bands, and giant lollipops. 

next, the plastic cup that i have to bring my pee in for my next pregnancy appointment.  don't worry, i haven't filled it yet.

then my various books and notebooks: azure standard and frontier co-op catalogs, pottery barn catalog, legal pads for whatever, folder of insurance info and medical records/statements, nourishing traditions cookbook, the excellent wife (partially finished), be last (partially finished), radical (partially finished), one thousand gifts (partially finished), the toddler's busy book, my bible (partially finished), death by love (partially finished), ina may's guide to childbirth (not started), the business of being born (technically a movie, not book-like), your best birth (not started), my planner and my garden journal.  (i think you can see the habit i have of starting lots of books then taking forever to finish them).  then on top is my marker board that has my grocery list.

then my box of coupons on top of my box of index cards.  i use index cards for EVERYTHING: flashcards for atticus, memory scripture verses, lists, etc.

then my basket full of labels, my label maker, pads of paper, stickers, pencil sharpener, calculator, etc.

then our breakfast stuff: children's bible, color/shape/letter flashcards, atticus' scripture verses, and a children's catechism.

then on the right hand door i have prayer cards for the pastors, missionaries, and compassion kid we support.  (again, seen in the top picture).

and here's the drawer below.  i don't have a before-i-cleaned-it picture, but your retinas are actually thankful for that.  believe me.

it contains my phone and computer chargers, board books i have to fix (penelope is a ripper-of-things), more pottery barn catalogs, remnants of the sunday paper that i have yet to read, the co-op newsletter, coupon inserts, a stapler and our laptop.

so there's that.  forever immortalized on the internet for the sake of posterity.  or, to provide hard evidence that i did, at one point, once, clean out that stupid cupboard.

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Ashley Brekke Hinton said...

Haha!!! I laughed pretty hard at this one. Especially about your pee cup :) Good to know, Paige :)