california pics, they'll melt your popsicle.

i mentioned last week that we recently took a trip to california.  and while i only posted pictures of our airplane adventures, there was a lot more to it than that.

we left thursday night and got to my aunt's house late.  so friday we just went to the park and hung around the house watching football, sleeping, eating, and playing in the pool.  that evening, we did a big family meal with grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and tons of mexican food.

his first experience playing in california sand.  at the park, not the beach.

i think this picture is very 'glamor shots by deb.'

saturday afternoon, my great-grandma had a 90th birthday party, which is the whole reason we went out in the first place.  it was insane to see all her progeny - how one lady with three kids can generate an entire populus.  makes me hope that TLC airs michelle duggar's 90th birthday party.  after the party, we ate at bob's big boy - monumental for my mom because the beatles ate there once, monumental for me for austin powers reasons and also because they served waffles for dinner.

very happy we have long-life genes, and also that i let him eat cake.

entertaining herself and daddy in the hallway while the party went down in the other room.

this place was across the street from the masonic center (party central).  it is where you can do your laundry for a buck and also buy drugs.

this little place was next to the drugs store, and it someday hopes to inherit the throne and official title of donut KING.  i've heard its donuts are only second-rate and also it will raise taxes for peasants.  wahp wahp.

sunday, we spent the morning at laguna beach, but it was overcast and cold, so todd wasn't sold on it.  the kids weren't sure about it either.  atticus kept saying, 'it's pitty yowd' (it's pretty loud) and penelope was fine as long as the tide didn't come in over her feet.  there were some cool tide pools, and lots of shells and rocks, but because of the local laws we weren't really allowed to touch much or take anything home, which was kind of a bummer.

covering his ears because of the loud waves.  sis on the move, as always.

obviously loving the cold water on her feet.

warming up to the idea of the beach.  hands no longer covering ears.

the elusive family photo!!

monday, we drove to san clemente to hang out at the beach house with my grandparents and my great-grandma.  this beach had a train track (an automatic hit with atticus), cliffs, and a pier.  the tide hadn't gotten too gross the night before, so there wasn't as much kelp everywhere as the day before.  not to mention, it was sunnier and warmer, so i think this beach won todd over (he wasn't too sure about laguna).  my grandpa grilled burgers, my great-grandma shared family stories, and i finally got some questions answered about the masons (my mom's whole family is involved in the masons).  not to mention, the tide glows this indescribable neon-green after dark, from some chemical reaction from the kelp - it's amazing to watch.  todd got a severe sunburn, but other than that, it was a great day!

super excited to be at the beach.

here you can see my baby bump and the fact that the laid-back so-cal atmosphere made me feel comfortable enough to walk around in public with my pants undone.

this is FIVE GENERATIONS of humans: great-grandma, grandma, mom, me and lauren, and the kids.  insayyyne.  also, can you tell my kids are totally done for the day?

tuesday morning we left early for the airport - we left the house at 4:15 (that's a.m.)  for our 6:15 flight.  after a weird weekend and an early morning, the kids were understandable exhausted and the first leg of our trip (CA-denver) was a little difficult for penelope specifically.  but because we left so early, it meant we also got home early, and our flight arrived in des moines around 1:00 pm.  we stopped in ankeny at chili's for lunch, and got the kids home for a light dinner and early bedtime.  i have to say, we're still not fully rested from the crazy hours (this trip took place at the end of september), but it was totally worth it to see family and to stay with my wonderful aunt and uncle, who were basically the definition of hospitality - they gave us their king bed and slept in twin beds while we were there, and michelle cooked us a hot breakfast every morning!  crazy.  i would have been all, 'here's the air mattress and over there is the toaster.  knock yourself out.'

watching yo gabba gabba on the ipad-from-the-angels

tuckered. out.

exhausted, but not too tired to fly the plane.

i would so do this again, and my mom mentioned taking the kids to disneyland when they're a little older...i'm counting down the days!!  for the sake of the kids, of course.

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