video vednesday, pay-up edition. (or, I KNEW IT!)

our new baby is a bro.  minus the wangster clothes but including all male parts that should be mandatory for calling oneself a bro.

i gotta say, i was not shocked.  i have been having a hard time not referring to the baby as 'him' or 'he,'  and i have never in my life, or at least recent memory, imagined us being parents to more girls than boys.  (except when i was little and i wanted triplet girls named selena, sarina, and sabrina.  horrible, no?)  so when the lady was all like, it's a boy, i was all like, yeah, that's about right.

so without further ado, meet: ATTICUS, JR.!

though we haven't decided definitively on the name, we're pretty partial to the name 'atticus' for a boy, so we might just do a 'round 2.'  like that old nickelodeon show, 'pete and pete.'  anyone else remember that?  (todd has also put in his vote to name the kid Cage Fighter Van Voorst.)

anyway, i promised you all an authentic gambling experience, and i'm delivering.  the following are people who in blog comments, facebook posts, and emails totally called the correct sex:

emily v.
allison p.
karlee h.
jenni b.
melissa g.
andrea h.

(nine others voted 'girl.')

and the lucky winner of the tbd prize pack is....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (that's a drumroll, people.)...

disclaimer: what the crap is up with the still-shot youtube chose?! and please note that i did this at 10:30 at night.  i was tired.  my camera guy (not naming any names) was also tired.  also, my shirt seems to be trying to give me a second boob-shelf.  not sure what's up with that.  also, melissa, this is probably the first you're hearing that i'll see you next week, so i guess now is a great time to announce that the prize pack includes a surprise visit from yours truly.  anyway, end of disclaimer.

so congratulations.  to melissa for winning the pool.  to us for having a boy.  to the rest of you all for being the lovely human beings that you are. 


Anonymous said...

Yay for baby boy!!!!!!!

todd said...

you should clarify that we are not actually naming our boy Atticus Jr. or Atticus II. However, I would also like to point out that Cage Fighter Van Voorst remains a viable option (especially if we arm wrestle for it!!!)

butwehavethistreasure said...


I'll consider my prize as being right...more right than 9 other people. :)

Cage Fighter, huh? I can see it now. You stick him in a play pen with the other 2 kiddos and see what happens.

Here's a name: Tertius. It's in the Bible and it means "third", which kind of demonstrates the parental feeling of "um...we've already named two and that was hard enough. Tell you what, kid, you're third." :)

Or you can compile a list of names using word verifications. Here's the one I have now:

Emily V.

Danielle said...

Ooo...I like Emily's idea.

Second option: Oringie

Pronounced the wrong way, this name could be a very bad idea.