my big fat dutch baby's lip.

(the lip is big and fat, not the baby.)

(if you get sick at blood stories, go read a magazine or something happy.  today is not your day.)

a few weeks ago (it may actually have been a few months ago at this point, with the way the months just fly past) penelope had some kind of fall.  i was in the other room and didn't see what happened, but she started screaming (you moms know the scream - the 'i'm actually in pain' scream rather than the typical 'i got pushed/i'm annoyed/i want attention' scream).

so i came running in the room and there was blood ev.ery.where.  it was coming from her mouth, but i couldn't get a good angle to see exactly where it was coming from.  i tried laying her on her back to see into her mouth, but she started gagging on all the blood.  in the meantime, i found a little piece of her lip had been bitten off.  fantastic.

so i called todd in a panic, wondering if i should take her to the emergency room.  he had no idea and i couldn't talk long because penelope was hysterical.  so i ran her across the street to the neighbor lady's to see what she thought.  old people tend to not overreact because a) they've seen it all before, b) they've raised kids and know what's worth freaking out about and what's not, and c) they just don't have the oomph left to freak out.  so i sought out 88-year-old betty's opinion.

she busted out the magnifying glass and we tried to peer into penelope's mouth.  still no luck in finding out where all the blood was coming from, and on top of it, her top lip had gotten jammed in the gap between her two front teeth and was so swollen that we couldn't get it out - which meant less visibility for us and more pain (and screaming) for penelope.

betty was all, i'd wait a while to see what happens when the blood stops, and then if you need to take her somewhere i'd take her to the dentist, not the emergency room.

luckily, betty was a goldmine of wisdom, because i took her advice and waited a bit.  the bleeding stopped, the swelling went down enough to get her lip unstuck from her teeth, and nothing major ended up being wrong - just a little bite on the inside of her lip.  (the piece of lip she bit clean off never actually bled.)  she was good as new in an hour (although her poor lip stayed pretty swollen for a few days.)

so while that story was entertaining/nauseating in and of itself, it is not the only reason i wrote this down.  i also wanted to include that betty knows a thing or two about dental non-emergencies.  in fact, as all this was going down with penelope, she told me this little gem of a story:  one day she was eating lunch with her niece and her front tooth just fell out.  what did she do? she superglued it back in.  i'm not lying.  and the bond lasted six weeks before coming loose.  so she tried to superglue it in again, but it didn't stay as long this time- only a few days- so she finally had a fake one made.

now that is some old-fashioned resourcefulness and apathy toward putting weird chemicals in your mouth.

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whenjeskasparks said...

that's like the one time my sister couldn't find eyelash glue and asked me if i thought it was okay to use super glue.
i gave her my best "YOU ARE A NURSE NOT A CRAZY PERSON OH MY GOSH HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN AN ER" look and politely told her no.
her response? "well, they're like the same thing, right?"


glad all the toofs of the youths in the VV house are intact.