in the name of transparency...

on monday i mentioned that i would like to be more 'real' on here and not just blog about my spotlight moments.  today i was going through photos of our recent trip to california, and i was challenged to start doing that rightnow.  these are the photos that would've gotten the chop if it weren't for this blog. 

if you get weird dreams relatively easily, maybe don't read any farther.  if you don't get weird dreams easily, lucky you - you get to see the photos that were never supposed to see the light of day and yet have somehow ended up on the internet for the whole world to see.

the official color of my legs is 'mom white.'  i'm pretty sure sherwin williams will back me up on that.  also, that bruise on my leg is from where i hit myself in the shin with a hammer.  don't ask.

i got to be the one to bring my grandpa his birthday cake.  and as you can see, i was way excited about it.

at my great-grandma's 90th birthday party, talking to someone who probably wishes they weren't talking to me.  also, sis is manhandling some cake because i'm an awesome mom and was too lazy to feed her with a fork.

well, i don't think this requires much explanation other than this is what my butt looks like in a scenic beach setting.  tropical.

chugging coffee on the airplane after getting up at 3:45.  in the morning. 

and then, because misery loves company, i'm dragging penelope under the bus with me.

stuffing her face with teddy bear waffles at bob's big boy.

aaaaaand that's our vacation in a nutshell.

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todd said...

I know from talking to you that you posted these to show off how unlovely and "real" you are "behind the scenes." Honestly, however, if you had not added the caveat prior to me looking at them, I would have thought they were good pictures. You look so cute on the plane with your coffee even though you are exhausted. You look beautiful with penelope at your great g-ma's party. Even in the moments or pictures where you feel the most insecure or ridiculous, know that I love you and find you beautiful. In fact, it is that maniacal birthday cake smile and humor in tattling on yourself that I find so attractive. I lovey you my wife.