one week in: how we're doing overall.

We have now survived a full week at home with Callista, after being discharged from the hospital last Wednesday.

When Todd and I arrived home, we were greeted by handmade signs from the kids.  They were all so excited to have Callista home for good, and they've spent the week snuggling her (and/or poking her, as in the case of Rocco) and being generally enthused about the whole transition.

Todd and I are holding up pretty well, all things considered.  It's been so nice to have him home to help, and it's been good for him to have the week off of work to rest when he can during the day, since it definitely doesn't happen overnight. 

For all of Callista's glowing, amazing qualities, 'excellent sleeper' does not go on the list.  She does not sleep well unless she's on her tummy or being snuggled, and even then, two hours between feedings is about the absolute most we can expect at this point, and it's often closer to an hour.  Two nights ago, she ate four times between midnight and 5 a.m.  It's been pretty exhausting.  Thankfully, Todd has been great about making sure we're able to find time during the day for me to nap, so it hasn't gotten ahead of me (yet).

Once Todd goes back to work, my mom will take the big kids for a few days so that I can slowly transition to being on my own during the day with just the baby, which I'm so grateful for.  My goal is to continue to find time each day to nap while I can - once I have all six on my own, I'm not sure if I can make that happen as easily, so I'm going to make it a priority for at least the next week.

Recovery is going well.  I had set a goal to sit/lay down/rest as much as humanly possible for the first four weeks.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it that long, but this last week has been a success in that regard.  I have wonderful friends bringing meals most days, I've started having Amish products just delivered to the house, Todd has been on Big Kid Duty while I'm wrangling Callista and her monstrous appetite, and I seriously just change from one pair of jammies into the next pair of jammies.  So it's been a success in that regard.

(And I just have to take a moment to brag: on Thursday when I took her in for her next-day weight check after we were discharged, she hadn't gained any weight.  So the doctor asked us to come back on Monday to make sure she was gaining by then.  And thanks to her voracious eating habits, she gained nine ounces in those four days.  You grow, girl!)

All things considered, one week in and we're doing well.  I'm always anxious to get the first six weeks behind me because it seems to get easier from there, but things are at least headed in the right direction.  Now, if we can only figure out the magic code to turn her sleeping mode to "Very On," we should be all set.  Because isn't a sleeping baby the very best sight?