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Well, folks, I did it!  I managed my way through my first full week of juggling all the kids by myself since Callista came home.  It was also my first week without friends bringing all our meals over, so I was in charge of remembering to take stuff out of the freezer for dinner.  I'm not going to lie, there were some definite rough patches.  And because we're in the middle of a heat wave, I let the kids watch way more Netflix than I will 'fess up to.  But we're all alive, moderately well-fed, and mostly whole, so I consider it a win.  I mean, mostly a win.

There is very little news to report for this week.  I did my best to have nothing on the agenda, which was equal parts blessing and curse.  I'm still going strong with my commitment to nap every day (though, Wednesday I had to make the tough decision to shower instead of nap during my hands-free window.  It was necessary and the right choice to pick the shower, but very sad to give up the nap).  Callista is eating and growing and eating and growing and sleeping (sometimes) and eating and growing some more.

Totally milk-drunk.

She went through her three-week growth spurt last weekend, waking up every hour to eat through the night on Saturday - 2:30 a.m., 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30... it was brutal.  I kind of got to a breaking point.  I feel like I've mentally stayed ahead of the game for the most part this time around, but there's always a moment where the newbornness of it all just swallows you up and drowns you.  That was the moment for me.

I had already planned on staying home from church with Callista on Sunday, but since Saturday night had been so rough, Todd stayed home, too, and we all just kind of cocooned in our jammies for the day.

We are on break from doing schoolwork for the next few weeks, so the big kids had ample free time on their hands.  Kids always think they enjoy vacation, but they don't really.  They're restless and bored and fight all the time and run around the house like caged animals.  I did make them go outside every day, but with 100+-degree temps and 1000% humidity, about an hour a day was all I could really enforce.  So everyone got cabin fever.  In mid-July.

Next week, we start swimming lessons, which I'm equally dreading and grateful for, since it will make me get out of the house (boo) but it will get the kids out of the house (yay) and break up the day a bit.

Other than that, nada.  Seriously.  I finished about a zillion books, since that's something I can do one-handed while I nurse Callista and keep one eye on Rocco, who lately seems dead-set on throwing anything he can find, breaking everything he can reach, and jumping to his death from every raised surface he can access.  So my house is falling down around me, but I'm at least well-read.

Callista seems to know this won't end well for her.  The very next shot Todd got, Rocco had managed to get her into a full-on choke hold.  

And that was our very weird full-slash-empty week.  I'd love to hear how your week went - how's summer going?

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todd said...

remember that picture of atticus chokiing penelope in front of the Christmas tree? similar siutation. brotherly love that doesn't know it's own strength. :)