the weekly 'what's up.'

I am at that point in the newborn season when measuring time gets really difficult.  On the one hand, the days just seem to innnnnnnnch along, and on the other hand, you blink and a week and a half has passed and yet you're still somehow wearing the same pajama pants.  My days feel pretty jumbly right now.

Todd had enough vacation time built up to take a week off work once we left the hospital, so his first day back was last Thursday.  To help me with the transition, my mom and stepdad then took the big kids up to Iowa for a week, so they left last Thursday and returned home this past Wednesday.  The kids had a blast - they spent the week crafting, swimming, playing outside, eating, and field tripping to places like the science center and Living History Farms.  Not exactly the worst way to spend your time.  (We got a letter in the mail from Penelope partway through the week, telling us, "I'm having fun! I don't miss you at all!")

Meanwhile, back on the home front, I got to enjoy a quiet week with Callista.  I mainly focused on bonding with her, continuing to establish nursing, and recovering well - sitting down as much as possible, sleeping when I could, and only leaving the house when I had to.  (I have lots of thoughts on healthy postpartum recovery, and you better believe I'll get into that more soon!)

Because she would toggle between long stretches of awake time and long stretches of sleepiness, I found myself either extremely spent or extremely free.  And because I was pretty hands-free and responsibility-free while she was sleeping, but still trying to stay on the couch, I spent what time I could getting ready for the upcoming school year.  It is actually perfect timing that she was born when she was - because of the downtime I got, I'm more prepared going into this year than I have been for any other year, and it's all because I have a newborn.  Which is a weird thing to say.

Working with Atticus on his final exam narrations before he left for my mom's, so that I could finish up his portfolio while he was gone.

Over the weekend, Todd's parents and our nephew David came to visit and meet Callista.  She was a big hit!

We also headed to church on Sunday morning.  Todd was preaching and I didn't want to miss it, and it was (relatively) simple getting out of the house since I was only juggling one kiddo.  Callista was not sure she found the experience worth the apparently torturous ride in the carseat.

On Monday, I took her to her two-week checkup, and she had gained a full pound since our discharge from the hospital a week and a half prior!  Girlfriend is growing, as illustrated by this chubby baby arm that I can't get enough of.

She is still eating every hour and a half or so during the day, and every two hours or so overnight.  I have been really disciplined about taking a nap every day, even if only for 20 minutes or so, so I'm still feeling decent about it all.  Plus, I've been taking my own advice (see the video here) and keeping my expectations very looowwwwww, which has been so helpful.

The kids returned Wednesday afternoon, and it's been an adjustment.  It's amazing how quickly I got used to the quiet, and the lack of laundry and dishes, and the way the house stayed (kind of) picked up.  Yesterday was rough, as everyone seems to need something at once, and I have fewer hands and less time to meet all the needs than I did before. I'm now also, by necessity, going to have to be a lot more physically active than I've been in the last few weeks, which is tiring.  I am so very glad to have them home, and they're happy to be home, but it's taking a bit for all of us to settle back into a sense of 'normal.'

So the standing order is for continued extra naps for all of us, lots of family movie time (with snuggles), and very very low expectations for our days.  As long as we can stick to this, I think we'll settle into a groove pretty quickly!

And that was our week!

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todd said...

i love Callista's chunky little arms. so stinkin cute!!!