'what's up' weekly.

This week was a bit more of the same thing from last week: the kids were all in love with Callista, Todd was home to help me out, and I spent most of the week sitting on the couch and trying to nap when I could.

Because we do a year-round schedule, it was only our first official week of summer break, and the kids had a lot more discretionary time than normal.  They spent most of it outside or coloring at the table.

Penelope was so excited for summer break to start, so she could stop doing school and start... well, reading just as much as we normally do.

Rocco spent much of his time wearing a tiny straw fedora and getting into everything.  He has reached full-on 'toddler' stage at this point, which means lots more talking and communicating, which is so fun, and also lots more climbing on things, temper tantrums, and general activity, which can be hard to keep up with.  (Do I need to mention that later this same day, he fell from his perch up here, hit his head on the china cabinet, and bit his tongue in a pretty gnarly way?  It's as though toddlers don't care whether their choices are good and safe.)

Callista spent her time sleeping, eating and voicing her opinions on various topics, such as: Being Cold, Being Tired, Being Gassy, Being Wet, Being Bored, and Being Manhandled by the Bigger Kids.

Here's how Todd feels about being a dad of a half-dozen kids:

Photo by Penelope

And Penelope lost a top tooth and is now on her way to being a full-fledged adult.  Those top front teeth make such a big difference in their smile - she looks so grown up!  I already miss her crooked little baby-tooth smile, but this one is pretty, too!

And yesterday, my mom came down and picked up the five big kids to spend a week at Camp Ya-Ya, to help me with the transition now that Todd is back at work.  I spent the first five minutes that they were gone reveling in the unusual freedom to throw away whatever 'precious pieces of artwork' (read: scraps of notebook paper covered in various crayon scribbles) covering my kitchen counters, dining room table, and floors.  After that catharsis, I was super bummed and bored and stir-crazy with all the quiet.  It's too chill around here without the kids.

So I spent most of the day working on homeschool planning for next year, finishing up the kids' portfolios from last year, and working on a few assignments in an online drawing course I'm taking.  I also spent a lot of time reading (!!), and some time watching Netflix while my hands were occupied nursing Callista.  I even got in a nap and a shower.  So while the day was mostly spent on the couch, it was full of good, restful, productive things.

And as for today, it should be more of the same thing: Priority #1 is to nap, Priority #2 is to continue to sit as much as possible.  And those are probably about the extent of what I'll be able to accomplish today.  Should be a good day!


todd said...

i love that in that picture of me you can catch a glimpse of my golden crowns on my bottom back teeth :)

"crown him with many crowns" immediately comes to mind.

Liza Watkinson said...

I really enjoy your blog posts!! If you could do one every day that would be nice ;) haha! Also, would love to hear all about how you guys do your homeschooling!!