our trip to south dakota: the trip home.

Okay, now that it's been like a month and a half since we got home from South Dakota, I figured it was time to finally wrap up the retelling.  Luckily, there's only one day I haven't yet touched on: the day we drove home.

Todd and I were up at the butt crack of dawn, loading the van.  Luckily, the dawn's butt crack is pretty good looking up in the Black Hills.

The girls made sure that they got to help Papa Tony feed Joe the Horse before we left.

We rolled out of town pretty early, and tried to hit up interesting stops on the way home.  Our first stop was at Chamberlain, where there's a small but surprisingly nice Lewis and Clark exhibit at a roadside rest stop.  The view is beautiful, and the kids had a fun time pretending to row the replica boat and sleep in a tent like the crew would have done.  Atticus also liked the added bonus that a State Patrol station is adjacent to the exhibit building, so there were some patrol cars parked out front.

Riverside Park in Sioux City was a new find last year, and we were so excited to visit again.  It was colder this year than last, and our picnic lunch got rained on for a bit, but after the rainfall, it warmed up enough for us to enjoy the park for about an hour.

Rocco looks so big, eating his own personal bag of chips, just like his elders.

The biggest and littlest brothers were inadvertent twins, and it was the most adorable thing ever

Finneas seemed to enjoy the swing.

I really have no idea what this baseball mascot guy is all about, but we had (relative) fun posing with him.

Once bellies were full and legs were adequately stretched, the kids conked out in the car for a while.  We have survived so many road trips where the kids have refused to sleep, so this is always a beautiful, beautiful sight.

Our last stop was a McDonald's drive-through next to a playground rest area that had been a hit on the way up.  After eating, the kids all had a ball helping Rocco enjoy the slide.  One kid would carry him up to the top and push him down, another kid would catch him at the bottom.  They all loved it.

The last stretch of the trip felt loooooong, and was pretty miserable by the end.  Plus, Todd and I were both starting to come down with the flu we would end up having for the next couple of days.  So, needless to say, we were both so very glad to pull into the driveway around midnight, round up the kids, and then flop into bed.

And that wraps up the lowdown on this year's trip to South Dakota!

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