our vehicle solution. (or: Are We Still Technically the "Minivan" Voorsts?)

Before Callista was born, I was chauffeuring the kids around in a seven passenger Town and Country minivan, named the Kristy Chrysler.  (At the risk of ruining the joke by having to explain it, I have a good friend named Kristy Crisler.  It's all very funny if you like puns and random references to people that I know.  Maybe less funny if you don't.)

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Anyway.  The Kristy had been good to us, but would be too small to cart us all around once Callista was born, so we spent months brainstorming what we were going to do.  We had test driven old church vans, gotten in contact with dealerships and car lots all over central Missouri, and spent soul-sucking hours on the internet, trying to find something affordable for us.  Because, contrary to popular belief, single-income families with one million kids don't exactly swim around in gold doubloons like the McDucks.

We quickly found that twelve-passenger vans were just too expensive.  (Correction: we did find a couple affordable options on Craigslist.  One listing for an outrageously cheap 15-seater bragged that it got a fresh, full-body coat of matte red Rustoleum spray paint every year.  Score.)  So we kept noodling.  Todd suggested a shuttle bus, but I was too afraid of getting hop-ons, like with the Bluth Company stair car, or the Michael Scott Paper Company van.

Then Finneas suggested a limo.  Then a semi trailer.  Both of which seemed like solid options.

Then, against my preference, we started looking at eight-seater SUVs and minivans.  I didn't want to go this route, since we'd be spending dealership amounts of money (cha-ching) on a minivan (which we already had), knowing that we'd have to trade it in a couple years when we had another kid.  But by then, it would have depreciated quite a bit.  We'd probably lose out on about 3,000 bucks when all was said and done, just to have an extra seat for two years - at which point we'd have to spring for a bigger van anyway.  Plus, all the eight-seater options utilized a fold-down seat in the middle row to access the back row, and considering all our kids are still in carseats or boosters, this didn't really seem like a practical choice since we'd have to remove a carseat every time the kids needed to get into the van.

But it was really all we were finding in our budget, so I acquiesced.  There was a black Yukon we considered for a while.  Then a white Honda Odyssey.  (I was leaning toward the Yukon, if only because then I could name it Yukon Cornelius.)  Todd got financing lined up and was in discussions with the dealerships.  But we just never really felt ready to pull the trigger.  So, instead, we invested in this:

Somewhere along the line, Todd got the rando idea to see if the back bench seat of the Kristy would fit across the middle row.  (It would.)  And if there was enough room on the side for the kids to get to the back without folding a seat down.  (There was.)  And if there was a salvage yard in the general vicinity that carried another bench seat for the back row that would match our exact make and model.  (There was.)  And if the bench seat was the exact leather and color as that of our current interior, that would be peachy.  (Okeedokee.)

So.  For $330, we have a newly-eight-seater minivan and the Kristy Chrysler continues to reign supreme in all her glory.

And we are still, as always, the Minivan Voorsts.


todd said...

minivan voorsts 4 lyfe (or at least still for now!!!)

Lissa said...

I'm impressed by your resourcefulness! I love it! :)

Danielle Tiarks said...

Well that's serendipitous!