mommy date day.

This day took place a couple of weeks ago, and there is probably more pressing news I could be reporting on today, but there is ALWAYS pressing news with a newborn (such as how adorable she is when she sleeps, or how I'm just dying to tell you how good her head smells).  So I figured it's probably best to write about it now, before months fly by and I totally drop the ball on telling you about it at all.

The weekend before my due date, Todd and I arranged to make Saturday "Mommy Date Day" for the kids.  Todd held down the fort at home, and I got to take each of the kids out one at a time.  I started off the morning with breakfast with my biggest buddy.  I got an insanely good omelette (which is saying something, because I mostly hate how everyone else in the world cooks eggs).  Atticus got "Birthday Cake Pancakes" with frosting AND whipped cream AND sprinkles.  Also, he added syrup.  Also, a giant hot chocolate.  I about died from diabetes just watching the waitress set it on the table. 

But the fastest way to a man's heart is through food, and he felt looooved.  It was so fun, sitting in that booth and chatting away.  He's quiet and thoughtful and wants to serve in the military when he grows up.

Then Miss Penelope got a turn to head out with me.  She'd been begging to get to check out Barnes and Noble, so we browsed books and got Starbucks and she is absolutely my mini-me in so many ways.  (And absolutely her own amazing person in so many other ways.)  I am sooo excited to have a book-loving gal pal to mix it up with for many years to come.  And she's going to be a self-sustaining farmer-slash-author when she grows up, so you know I'm going to be tagging along and reading all her books and eating the bounty of her harvest and hoping to be just like her one day.

Finneas got his turn next, and he wanted a burger.  So we bypassed McDonald's (thank the good Lord I was able to convince him to go somewhere else) and headed to "Shakin' Bacon," as Finneas kept calling it.  He spent all of his time coloring and offering me his lunch and asking if I needed anything.  He has such a sweet, generous, caring heart.  He ordered sliders, but barely ate any of his food - he filled up on his shake and called it good.  But you know what?  Who cares.  Mommy date days are ones in which you throw insulin to the wind and party like it's 1999.

And then it was this tiny girl's turn.  She wanted ice cream.  And how.  So we went to THEEE Local Frozen Custard Place.  And she sat in silence, devouring her strawberry shortcake sundae.  Like, literal silence.  But once we got back in the car, girlfriend got chatty.  I love listening to her itty bitty voice, learning to voice such big-girl thoughts.

And with as little as Rocco is, he didn't go on a one-on-one date with me.  Basically every day for him is a one-on-one date with me.  He had opinions about whether or not I should be leaving the house without him, though.

Apparently, I owe him a Mommy date soon.

It was so wonderful connecting with each of the kids individually!  They're all so great, for so many different reasons.  I really, really love spending time with them - I like being around them.  Such great buddies to have!

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todd said...

what a fun gaggle of geese you all are. i love these pictures and am so glad you got the chance to do this before Callista arrived. mommy date day 2.0 is going to be epic!