'afters' of our basement carpet. finally.

So, think way back to when I told you about the time two and a half gallons of milk spilled all over our carpeted basement stairs.  And then remember how the carpet cleaner said the carpet wasn't salvageable, so Todd just ripped it out because it stunk to high heaven.  Then remember how I told you about the amazing way in which God provided for us to be able to recarpet, instead of leaving everything looking like this:

Okay.  And then remember how I told you we had gotten it all done, but I forgot to show you 'after' photos.  Well, today is the day I remedy that.  Let me remind you again what our basement had looked like the morning we had it removed (all the furniture is stuffed into the room at the back):

I get that it doesn't really look that bad in the photos (other than the fact that I haven't decorated and there are paint swatches all over the walls).  What you can't see is that these are simply carpet tiles, glued to the cement floor.  It was cheap, and uncomfortable, and dirty to boot - the previous owners had a black dog that hung out down here, and every single time I would vacuum, half the canister would be full of black dirt and dog hair.  It was really, really gross.

Plus, everything was the SAME STINKING COLOR.  The walls, paint and trim are all this gross yellowy-beige, and the carpet was a gross yellowy-beige and it just felt flat and dirty, and it looked like a smoker's tooth.


I feel like these photos are anticlimactic, but believe me when I tell you it has made a world of difference!  First, the carpet is a mid-tone greige, which makes everything feel a lot warmer and more anchored.  Second, it is actual carpet laid over actual carpet pad, so it is soft and squishy and doesn't scream 'cheap rental property.'  Third, it has helped me narrow in on the color I'll be painting the walls.  Fourth, it is not chocked full of someone else's dirty pet's dirty hair.  It is clean and new.  Fifth, it doesn't smell like rotting milk.

I am seriously in love.  However, it does make me want to paint the walls even more than I did before, but before I can paint the walls, I need to paint the ceiling and trim, so it's kind of a major undertaking.  Plus, I've been brainstorming how I want to decorate - I'm thinking some built in bookshelves, and a home office area, and a cute play area for the kids... it will look 100 million times different should I ever get the motivation to make some headway down there.

But in the meantime, the new carpet alone has done my soul good.

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todd said...

it feels so cozy down there now. can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all painted and decorated the way you want!