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Well, the honeymoon couldn't last forever.  Yesterday I told you about how I've been laying really, really low since Callista was born, but this week I've been forced out of hibernation.  The kids have had swimming lessons all week, which has been great for them - a chance to get out of the house, a welcome addition of a bit of structure to our days, and lots of glorious sunshine.  (Finneas is now so tan, he just looks like a kid-sized Slim Jim with a shock of white hair on top.)

I've actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would - swim lessons are typically exhausting for me in seasons when I don't have a newborn, so I was dreading it a little.  But it's been nice to have a reason to get out of the house and go sit in the sun for an hour.

Today, we don't have lessons, so I'm hoping to use the time to go shopping for school supplies.  We will be starting school again after next week, so I need to get all our preparations taken care of.  I'm hoping to soon do a Facebook Live video on homeschooling (why we homeschool, an overview of the method we use, and a rundown of what our school days look like), but we'll see if I'm able to make it happen anytime soon.

While swimming lessons dominated the news this week, I did have a few other things going on.  Breaking up fights between the kids, for one.  We do year-round school for many reasons, but one of them is that it is so hard to maintain a sense of order and civility when there is no structure.  We will only have taken four or five weeks off, but three seems to be about the maximum enjoyable amount of rest time before things start to devolve into an atmosphere great weeping and gnashing of teeth.  We are all feeling ready to jump back into school.

The kids do spend a lot of time reading these days, and Finneas is learning to sound out words on his own!  He seems to have just decided he wants to learn to read.

Trying to get this kid to read fiction is like roller skating backwards up a hill.  But check out a how-to manual from the library, and he will shortly be an expert on drill bits and coping saws.  He has literally already written his OWN woodworking manual, with step-by-step drawings and everything.  

And then there's Calliegirl, who is growing like a weed and developing the sweetest expressions.  I'm just dying to see that first real smile!  She is also losing a bunch of hair (as am I).  We were going back through baby photos of the kids the other night, and were astonished by how much she looks like Penelope as a baby!  As I mentioned, she turned one month old already this week and is doing so well.

(Sorry for the awful lighting in this photo - our living room is really tricky to take pictures in, but we wanted to document her actual one-month "birthday.")

And that was our week. 

On another note, I wanted to just say thank you for the overwhelming positivity you all expressed toward my post earlier this week on whether kids are expensive.  I was totally taken aback, and really touched, by all the kindness and sense of community I received in response.  Thanks so much for continuing to read this blog, and for being such a supportive group of friends.  You all are just the best!


todd said...

we're all just 3 weeks of free time away from being feral

Liza Watkinson said...

She's sweet!! Looking forward to the Facebook Live video on how you guys homeschool­čśŐ