we're getting new carpet, and here's the 'how.'

So, I've already told you what happened with the carpet on the basement stairs - long story short, Todd was carrying a cooler full of milk in glass bottles down the steps, and the handle of the cooler broke off.  Shards of glass sprayed everywhere, and two-and-a-half gallons of milk saturated the stairs.  We had a company come to clean it up, but the guy was like, "I can make it look better, but I can't make it smell better.  You won't be able to get the milk out of the carpet and pad unless you totally rip it out and start over."

Because it started smelling so badly, Todd ripped up the carpet on the stairs, and some of the carpet in the family room downstairs, and we've been living with exposed wood stairs and exposed concrete on the floors since then.  We weren't totally sure what we were going to do, since insurance wasn't going to cover it, and we had definitely not budgeted anything like this into the finances for the year. 

We thought we'd go ahead and just recarpet the stairs, since sound from the basement is SO LOUD without the carpet up the stairs, and the boys keep stepping on exposed staples and stubbing their toes on the wood.  It felt necessary to get some carpet back down for functional reasons.  (Plus, obviously, it was dang ugly.)  Just doing the stairs would be cheaper than recarpeting everything, even though aesthetically it was less than ideal - the stairs would be one kind of carpet, the family room would be another (really, really terrible, dirty carpet tiles destroyed by the previous owners' dog), and the boys' bedroom would be another (the carpet from even BEFORE Dirty Dog Carpet got installed).  It was going to look janky, but it would do the job and fit the budget.  And at least it would look better than this:

But then I got a text from a sweet friend, saying she had overnighted me a package I'd have to be around to sign for.  I got the box the next day, opened it, and was pleased but slightly confused to find a pair of Old Navy boots she had sent to Laurelai after they didn't work for her daughter.  It was such a nice gift, but I wasn't sure why they needed to be overnighted and signed for.  But there was something else at the bottom of the box...

I pulled it out, and it was a check for the new carpet.  Not just enough for the stairs, but the whole basement.  I started sobbing at how big and faithful God was in that moment to provide for us.  (The kids were super confused, like, "Why are you crying if you're happy?")

Todd first tithed from the amount, since he's always so grateful that God consistently provides for us that he wants to respond with generosity and trust by holding even gifts with open hands.  (I love this about him.)  Then I got the name of a wholesale carpet guy, he came over and measured the basement, and guess what - the estimate came in at TEN DOLLARS UNDER what was left.  Ten dollars, you guys.  Ten dollars.  And this is fixed - this is the final amount he will be charging me for carpet, pad, and labor.  There won't be any hidden costs.  God provided exactly what we needed.

So the guys are coming next Tuesday to install our new (beautiful! clean! padded!) carpet, and I couldn't be more excited.  And instead of just getting new carpet, we have an amazing story how God, once again, came through for us in surprising ways.

I'm so excited to show you pictures once it's all installed!  Now, I just need to spend the remainder of the week getting all the furniture moved out of there, and the deep freeze and fridge cleaned out so they can be moved out of there... No small job, but totally worth it.  Pictures to come!

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this was so amazing.