penelope's birthday party.

Saturday was Penelope's seventh birthday, so we threw the standard V.V. party: a few decorations, a cake, taco salad for lunch, and fun with extended family!

I let the kids pick out what we eat on their birthday, so Penelope picked pancakes.  I attempted to make a pancake lady for her, which ended up kind of looking like my elementary school girl scout leader, which wasn't the look I was going for, but Penelope didn't seem to mind.  (Please ignore the terrible lighting in the house - we live in a cave-hole-burrow-house, plus it was raining outside.)

Penelope had requested a butterfly-themed party, so Todd found a set of wings for her to wear, and I made her a butterfly cake, which she got to b'dazzle herself.

For lunch, we did our standard taco fare (although, this time I caliente'd things up with some Tecate beer with limes for the non-gestating adult guests).  I love taco salad bar for guests because everything can be made in advance (I just put the meat in the crock pot overnight with some beef broth, and it's ready to be drained and seasoned in the morning), and can be cleaned up pretty quickly, and it can easily accommodate a variety of different food allergies/sensitivities if necessary.  Just a little tip from me to you.

Here's a flattering shot of me, slouching and chewing with my mouth open.  You're welcome.

After lunch was cleaned up, we got to dig into the butterfly cake. (Once Penelope blew out her candle, of course!)

Then we opened gifts.  In this photo, you can tell Penelope opened a Lego set, because the boys are all up in her grill to see it.  They did not act this way when she unwrapped the Farmer Barbie.  (Which, by the way, and on a side note, was a gift from Atticus, and the sweetest gift ever.  He went to Walmart with me to pick it out, and spent SO LONG deliberating about what to get her - he finally decided on the Barbie and a My Little Pony figurine... and when he got up to the register, he wanted me to tell the cashier he wasn't buying them for himself.  He was too shy to tell her himself.  Then when we got home, he had so much fun picking out the perfect bag, and the perfect tissue paper; he wanted everything to be exactly what she'd want.  IT WAS SO STINKING SWEET I COULD DIE.)  Anyway, photo of the Lego Swarm:

And an extra item of note: Laurelai made herself some butterfly wings out of party hats.  Because she's adorable.

And that was Penelope's birthday!


todd said...

I LOVE our family!!!

todd said...

and your comment about slouching and chewing with your mouth open. game over. so funny!!!

curtis03 Lewis said...

She is such a cutie pie! Everything looks so warm and welcoming at your place. My niece is also turning 7 next month and I have planned a surprise party for her in one of the LA event venues and coincidently she also wears glasses. I will try to share her birthday pictures too.