the weekly 'what's up.'

Well, we have wrapped up another full week of life and school!  We finished the six-week stretch that constitutes the first half of our third trimester, meaning after next week's break, we only have six weeks left.  This may seem like no biggie, or it may seem like we're finishing late, but 1) we do year-round school, so we're actually finishing right on time, and 2) we're so close to finishing. 

We have never actually reached the end of a school year, because of moving or newborn craziness.  It has helped that, in the past, we haven't really had to - I am a huge proponent of waiting to get truly serious about formal school until a kiddo is six or seven, so we were never falling behind.  But now here we are, so very close to the actual end of a school year, and feeling really good... also, feeling a bit panicked because we appear to need to really push hard to meet our year's required hours.  Not impossible, it will just necessitate some intentionality in these last few weeks.

So, all that to say, we are headed into a break week, which I'm excited for, and which coincidentally pairs with finals week at Mizzou.  The week seems to promise a bit of a lull, which is desperately needed.  Granted, I will hopefully be spending it cleaning out the basement and garage, but that's still a lull in my book.

Okay, but enough about next week... let's move on to telling you about the rest of the past week.  Prepare for a bunch of random photos interspersed throughout.  Like this one, that documents the outcome of Rocco's newfound climbing skills:

Last Friday found me grocery shopping with Penelope, so we could round up the last few things we needed for her birthday party.  She's such a great buddy to take along on errands.  I love getting to know the kids in one-on-one settings - it's much different than knowing them only as part of 'the group.'

Saturday was her seventh birthday, and my parents and my grandpa came down for her party.

Sunday was standard: church, lunch, naps, dinner, movie night.

Monday, I watched a friend's kiddos in the morning and did a Facebook Live chat in the evening on the topic of Babywise.  Now it is no longer a secret that I am basically just a nonchalant Babywise mom, while there are a few of its principles that I will cling to with a white-knuckle grip.  I'm nothing if not an enigma.

Tuesday was our last official Connection Group until June.  It was simultaneously sad and a huge relief.  My house is going to turn into such a pit without a weekly cleaning deadline! 

Wednesday was super normal: trip to the Amish, meetup with a college gal.

Yesterday was super not-normal: in the morning we headed over to Kingdom City to pick out our new basement carpet.  I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED.  It is going to look KILLER.  Maybe if I'm feeling especially techy and motivated, I'll post a photo of the sample on Instagram today.  (Maybe.)  The guys will be coming to install it on the 30th... so. piping. hot. excited.

Then last night, Todd's company threw a big family fest, and we had a great time.  They had Chik-Fil-A cater it (OKAY!), and there were lawn games, and fire trucks, and police officers, and a guy dancing around in a very mangy-looking Tiger suit, which the kids weirdly liked the best of any of it.  There were sno-cones, but as it was fah-reezing cold, and they'd spent the better part of the evening being plied with breaded chicken nuggets, and fruit, and cookies, and soda... I was all, CARB EMBARGO.  (I want to make a Sno-Cone/No-Cone joke, but it's just not coming together as seamlessly as I'd like.)

And in addition to all that, Rocco turned 18 months.

And that brings us to today.  I HAVE NOTHING ON MY AGENDA.  Not a blessed thing.  No one is coming over, we're not scheduled to go anywhere, the forecast holds sunsunsun... it's shaping up to be a great day of Friday school, rest, and catching up on some reading with the windows open. 

It's a good day to be alive.


todd said...

"aliveness" is one of my favorite things about today

stef ha said...

I am seriously considering getting FB bc I'm so mad that I missed your babywise talk!! :( did you blog about it at any point?