'what's up' weekly.

Last weekend kicked off with Todd heading to an overnight leader's retreat, so I ordered in Jimmy John's and the kids and I laid low.  Saturday morning, we went shopping for kids' clothes and grabbed McDonald's for lunch. (You can tell when I'm pregnant, and tired, and Todd's not home, because I spend way too much money on really crappy food.  However, during the week when Todd is around - but I'm still pregnant and tired - it's not much better.  For dinner this week, we had chicken nuggets and fries TWICE, and once we had hot dogs and mac and cheese.  The way I'm feeding my kids (and husband) is really becoming concerning.

Saturday night, I rounded up a sitter for the kids so Todd and I could go to dinner with some of the other leaders and their wives, and I chose to get dressed up.  This proved to be a mistake for three distinct reasons:

1. I wore a white dress and immediately spilled strawberries on it.

2. Said dress required wearing Spanxx because (pay attention, because they don't tell you this) pregnancy makes a person really lumpy.  Like, you think you're signing on for just the one big lump in the front, but with it comes all kinds of smaller rolls and bumps and mounds in weird places which need to be smoothed out.  But they also don't make Preggo Spanxx, which I think is motivated by the pure common sense that says pregnant ladies shouldn't wear shapewear.  So I attempted normal-lady Spanxx.  Spoiler: it was a terrible idea.

3.  I was the only one who dressed up, so I felt really overdressed.  Until I spilled strawberries on myself, like I said, which really brought the whole look back down into the realm of 'very casual.'

Sunday evening, we had a member's celebration at church.

Sunday was the first really sunny day since last weekend when Penelope turned seven, so Todd took her "7" photos.

Monday, I had a midwife appointment, where she told me everything is progressing just fine.  But I'm still pretty overwhelmed by the unknowns of having a baby in this hospital system, so those fears weren't really alleviated at all by being weighed and sent home.  I think I need to schedule a hospital tour.

Tuesday was my first completely free day in a long time, and I was so looking forward to it.  We're on break from school, Connection Group is on break for the summer so I didn't have to clean, and I didn't have anything on the agenda.  I didn't even change out of my pajamas the entire day.  And, wouldn't you know it, I had no idea what to do with myself, and even now, I'm not totally sure how I spent it.  I know I spent time reading... and answering old emails.... but like, that might have been it?  Fail.

Wednesday was normal - my trip to the Amish, a stop at the library, and a last get-together with my Wednesday college girl before she leaves for two months on a missions trip to Vietnam! 

Thursday's big news is that I made my very first sale of something I listed on a B/S/T page.  I have to say, I was weirdly freaked out by the prospect of having a stranger come to my house to pick it up.  But it went really well - I didn't get murdered or pillaged, in case you were wondering.  Now here's to praying our loveseat and jogging stroller sell, too, so that I get some space in the garage cleared out.  I'm wanting to move our clothing bins out there and install a family closet in our laundry room, but it all kind of depends on the big stuff in the garage selling first.  (Hint, hint: anyone local in need of a loveseat, or a jogging stroller/bike trailer?)

Which brings us to today.  I'm wanting to focus on getting the basement cleared out.  The carpet guys are coming to install our new basement carpet on the 30th, and sometime before then, I need to get the whole basement cleaned out so that we can just move the furniture out of the way the day before.  But this means cleaning out the deep freeze so it can be unplugged, and finding storage space for a bunch of books and d├ęcor in the meantime.  I'd also love to finally haul away the dead washing machine that's been sitting in my laundry room for months.  And a friend is giving us a bunk bed set for the boys' room, so I'll have some rearranging to do in there.  So, lots to do before the 30th! 

Wish me luck!


todd said...

immediately spilled strawberries on it! so funny. :)

ohcitycity said...

I would LOVE the jogging stroller...if only distance was not a factor.