how I store kids' clothes.

So, I walked you through how we buy kids' clothes, but the natural next question arises: what do we do with it once it's home?  Short answer: we try to get it organized into storage as soon as possible.

Long answer: When we head out for our yearly shopping trip, I'm primarily going for the biggest two kids' next sizes.  For instance, Penelope is currently in a size 6, so most of our recent shopping was for clothes in a size 7.  This way, we're prepared ahead of time.  So I make sure to have empty, labeled bins on hand for when we get home.  This picture is hard to see, but it's a photo of my 'Girls 7' and 'Boys 8' boxes, which were basically empty before our shopping trip.  I leave them out so that once I get home, I can just dump stuff right in there, check off the list I keep right in the bin, and then put the bins away until they're needed.

We also purchase some 'straggler needs' items for the other kids as we go, such as replacement 5T shorts for the ones Atticus totally destroyed, and that Finneas will need soon, etc.  If there is a lot of stuff in these other sizes, or if I'm feeling particularly motivated, I'll pull out all the necessary bins and just pop stuff in them at that point, too.  Though I'm often not that motivated, so I frequently just dump them in our 'everything' bin, which I'll get to in a second.

On the off-chance that we bought a few items that were even bigger than the next size up (like that time when Atticus was four, but I found a pair of killer size 7 jeans on clearance at Old Navy for 47 cents!), I keep a single bin labeled, "Too-Big Clothing."  (I realize my use of English when labeling isn't great, but it gets the job done.)  I put all those items in there to be sorted later, once I have individual bins dedicated to those sizes.  (Again, janky photo.  Fluorescent lighting in a windowless room.)

However, sometimes random stuff comes trickling in - say, a few hand me downs from a friend, or just buying a single item in one size - and I don't feel like pulling out the proper bin just to sort one or two things.  (You can see in the top photo that all my storage bins are kind of precariously stacked on top of each other, so it can be kind of a hassle to get one out every single time there's something to put away.)  For those instances, I have an open bin (the 'everything bin') I just dump stuff into all willy-nilly, and once it's full, I'll take an hour or so to sort through it and put stuff where it goes.

I basically do the exact same thing with shoes - I have labeled bins for each gender and size, and one large bin for shoes that, for whatever reason, need to be sorted later.

I also like to keep two other lidless bins close on hand - one for winter items to take to consignment/Goodwill, and one for summer items.  That way, as I'm putting outgrown clothing away and I find something that never really got worn, or that I didn't like seeing the kids in for whatever reason, I just stick it right in there, and it's ready to haul at donation time.

And that's basically how we keep clothing from overrunning our life.  If you want further clarification on our storage bin system, you can check out this past post.  The photos are from the storage area in our last house, so the room I'm currently working with is different, but the overall organizational system has stayed the same.

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todd said...

thanks again for all the hard work you put into getting the most of what we're able to gather