just one more way in which God is providing.

When we lived in Story City, we had a huuuuge house - five bedrooms, three bathrooms, basement family room, finished attic, 3600 square feet.  Everything we would ever need in a 'forever' house for a large family, plus it was beautiful to boot.  It was built in 1913 and had all the original woodwork, chandeliers, leaded glass, pocket doors.  Dang.  I still tear up when I think about that house, so I'm not going to keep dwelling on it, and I'll just move on to the real point of this post.

We had purchased a double bed for one of the (then-empty) bedrooms, for guests to use.  But when we moved to Cedar Falls, we didn't have official room for it. (Our house at that point was three bedrooms, one bathroom, and 1100 square feet.)  So we laid down a big piece of scrap carpeting in our unfinished basement, and put the bed down there for guests.  Not ideal, but at least it was something.

Once we got to this current house, and all of the four bedrooms were allocated to permanent residents, we still had nowhere for our guest bed, so it's been weirdly sitting out in the relative middle of our basement family room.  It's somewhere for guests to stay, which is nice, since out-of-state church planting just kind of comes with lots of potential for overnight guests, so we've had a lot of need for it.  But the setup hasn't been ideal - there's no privacy for friends who are staying, and when the boys wake up and come out of their room, they just kind of... stare at our sleeping guests until the guests feel a heavy gaze upon them and wake up totally freaked out.

See how weird the set-up currently is?

Suuuuuuuuuuuper weird.

So I've been praying God would somehow provide a better bed setup for us that would accommodate the double mattress.  Essentially, I was wanting a twin-over-full bunk bed set for the boys' room, where guests could stay when they come, but the boys could use the rest of the time.

The other day, I got a rando text from a friend saying she was getting rid of a twin-over-full bunk set if I wanted it - for free.  It's solid wood, and super sturdy and everything.  (We have twin bunks, but they are SO RICKETY we can't bunk them anymore, but these are really secure.)  I told her I had been praying specifically for that very item, and she said she doesn't even remember me ever mentioning it, and honestly, I don't think that I had, either.  It just kind of came to her mind that she thought I was looking for one.  God is so funny and awesome.

So once the carpet is installed next week, we'll get to assemble our brand new bunk beds and get the bed out of our family room.  I feel like living this house is starting to make more sense for us, and I'm so grateful.  It's these small (and not-so-small) things that God is faithfully providing lately that make me feel better about this being our house, and feel more and more 'at home.'  It hasn't been fast progress in that direction, but it's progress, and I'm really grateful.

Now, maybe with the new carpet and new bed arrangement, I'll finally get motivated to want to paint the basement - 1000 square feet of ceiling, walls, and trim, so it's no small deal, but it will be totally worth it.  IF I can get motivated to just do it.  And also figure out when I'm going to do it, since there's the tiny, insignificant issue of impending labor, birth and newborn... you know.  Shenanigans like that.

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todd said...

this also was amazing. God is so kind to us.