our trip to south dakota: the badlands.

We hadn't been sure we'd make it to the entrance of the Badlands loop before sundown, since we had so much farther to drive before getting there than we've had in the past.  But in a weird 'silver lining' kind of way, the cold weather that had significantly shortened most of our stops earlier in the day was actually a blessing in that regard.  So we got there around the same time of day that we normally do - just in time to see the sun set over the mounds!

In a stroke of pure genius, Todd thought packing the tripod might be a good idea, so we could get the whole family in a couple of shots.  AND HECK YEAH IT WAS A GOOD IDEA.

Todd is so handsome, his face is hard to capture on film.  He just radiates this aura... it's hard to explain.

This is the third photo I'm posting of Todd jumping around.  I think you can gather that he really loves the Badlands.  I also love the Badlands, but I'm not a jumper.  I like to pretend it's mostly because I'm somehow always pregnant and holding a toddler, which just sets me up for jumping failure.  But if I'm being really honest, it's really because my heart just isn't in it.  And because my legs are like, "We get what you're trying to do here, but we're not on your team."  So I do my best to just stand there... but like, enthusiastically.

As always, it was such a great, worthwhile detour.  While this year's drive through the loop wasn't as eventful as prior trips through (like the year Finneas pooped his pants and then took a very majestic al fresco potty break, or last year, when Penelope was flat-out traumatized by the weather), it was as beautiful ever.


todd said...

i do love me some badlands. always looks fwd to that stop in particular. that and Falls Park although this year's cold front put a damper on that one.

Lissa said...

Your trip looks delightful! I was just out that way - Sioux Falls - to visit a dear friend, my birthday gift from my husband. 😊