what was up (last) weekly.

I never did a W.U.W. post last Friday, mainly because I spent all of last week packing and preparing for this week's VACATION!  We've been gone all week, and I'll tell you all about it next week!

So, for today, let's rewind the tape, and cover what didn't get covered when my road trip series was reposting.

That weekend, the kids all came down with some mysterious virus.  Friday night, Atticus came inside and all of a sudden started yelling that his head was hurting, and he started spiking a fever.  So I laid him on the couch with an ice pack on his head, he fell asleep and slept through the night.  Saturday afternoon, the same thing happened to Finneas - sudden headache, sudden fever, suddenly very sleepy.  And then Penelope fell victim to the exact same symptoms.  Sunday morning, Laurelai got it, too.  It was so. very. weird.  Other than a fever, headache, and loss of appetite, nothing was really wrong with them.  No barfing or sore throats or coughs or anything.  They just kind of slept it off, and twenty-four hours later, they were fine.

It made for kind of a weird Mother's Day, but maybe it was a perfect Mother's Day - because it was so intensely true.  It wasn't some weird, out-of-the-ordinary day where I was showered with all kinds of luxurious but fleeting respite from real life.  I had to miss church, I stayed in my jammies all day, and I snuggled with all my bugs.  We watched movies and I folded laundry.  And it was nice.

(And Mother's Day didn't come completely devoid of perks - Todd gifted me a "C" charm for my necklace.  It had already held all the kids' initials except for Callista's, and that needed to be remedied!  And he wrote the sweetest cards - one from himself, and one from the kids on which they all wrote their names.  Laurelai's alphabet knowledge is still pretty limited, but she can recognize (and form) "L"s, so her signature looks like, "L*****L***," where the asterisks are rando scribbles.  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.)

(In a strange turn of events, I am the only one in this photo who is NOT in jammies.  I really can't explain how this happened.)

Once Monday hit and the kids were feeling better, I got into intense 'vacation prep' mode.  I read once that you know you mother a large family when you spend more days packing for vacation than you do actually going on vacation.  That was true this year, for sure!  Grocery shopping, chiro visits, running errands, washing and vacuuming out the van, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cleaning out the fridge, posting blogs ahead, and actually packing for the trip completely dominated the week.  BUT WE ALSO DID SCHOOL!  I was exhausted, but I felt so accomplished at life, like I'm now qualified for the Iditarod or something.  (Just as the sled guy, not a dog.   I'm not that accomplished.)

And other than that, it was a pretty run-of-the-mill week.  The kids spent a ton of time outside in the 85-degree weather, getting farmer tans and bug bites.  May I remind you that it is mid-May?  May I also remind you that I LOVE MISSOURI?!?!?  However, with it being so hot and not having rained much recently, and with the kids insistent upon gradually tilling every inch of our topsoil with various crude tools, our yard is dusty.  I kind of lost my mind a little when EVERY. SINGLE. DAY I would look out the window to find them having 'dirt fights,' leaving them grey from head to toe.  It was so bad, I made them dump their clothes in the garage, where I also made them take 'prelim' baths in a big bucket of soapy water, and then from there I made them come inside for actual tub baths.  And the water was still black at the end of the second bath.  They didn't seem to be as bothered by the whole process as I was.

And here I find myself, counting down ON A SINGLE HAND the number of weeks I have left (and keep in mind, this photo is a week late).  I am RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!!  I am seriously in a panic.

And Todd took some really pretty belly shots, when the light was coming in the window all perfect and sun-spotty and soft and romantic... And yet, this one is my very favorite shot of all of them, because it totally reminds me of how Finneas thinks Callista will be born.  I did briefly give a general overview to him when he asked about the process - the uterus was explained, the concept of the birth canal was introduced quickly, and then at the end of it all, he was like, "THE BABY COMES OUT OF YOUR VAGINA?!?! ... No.  No.  That can't be right. It shoots out of your belly like a rocket."  And I was all, "Sure.  You believe what you need to right now, buddy."

 Blast off in T minus five weeks and counting...


todd said...

i love the pictures of you and the kiddos on the couch!!!

lauren said...

You're the best mom. Also, the story about Finneas just makes me think of the night you were in labor with Rocco. Glasses-less Finn and his blanket crawled onto Austin's lap on the floor and blurted "Mom's gonna have a baby out of her bahgina." Mostly accurate.