You guys!  For the first time in nearly three months, I actually accomplished something!  It feels good.  Foreign, strange, new; but good.

I finished painting the living room/dining room/hallway area - or, to be more clear, I finished re-painting the living room/dining room/hallway area.  These had been the only walls that had already gotten a fresh coat of paint since we first moved in.  When we bought the house, every. single. surface. in this place was the same nasty color - the exact color of pallid dead-person skin.  Ceilings, walls, trim; upstairs, downstairs.  EVERYWHERE.  Plus, it was all flat paint, so spending my days staring at its lack of sheen and gluey top-layer of stuck-on dirt just really put the nail in the coffin of "I hate my life."  So I decided I had to paint.

I started with the ceiling and the trim.  That only took me about twelve years to complete.  Then, to make things easier on myself, I just chose the same wall color that we had in Cedar Falls, which I loved - Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.  It's this really pretty light grey with greeny undertones in the right light.  But this current house doesn't have much light, so the walls just ended up looking sadsadsad.

So even though I really ended up being unhappy with the paint color I'd chosen, I lived with it for a while, because the thought of having to put that much effort into painting the same walls again made me die inside.  But eventually, I just couldn't take it anymore, so I went on the hunt for a better color for this specific house's needs.  Enter: Analytical Gray by Sherwin Williams.  It's a deeper brown-gray with yellow undertones.  Totally not a color I would normally pick for walls, but it works here.  It kind of makes the house seem less 'dark cave'-y and more 'cozy cigar club'-y.  Which is a cool vibe if that's your thing.  And I guess that's our thing now.

Once I finally bit the bullet and started to repaint, it only took me three months to complete because I've been so sick.  I hated laying on the couch for hours a day, just staring at my half-finished walls.  But now that it's done, I can't tell you how happy I am that I went to all the trouble of repainting.  It looks so much better.

The problem is that, with my energy beginning to return, and the euphoric high I'm still kind of riding after seeing painting efforts pay off, I'm kind of on overdrive.  I have my sights set on the bathroom and our bedroom next... (which also need the ceilings and trim done in addition to the walls, so I may run out of steam sooner rather than later on those projects.)  Also, the basement.  And the kitchen.  And the nursery.  And the inside garage door.  Also, organizing the entire garage.  Also, yardwork.  Also, building bookshelves.  Also...

You see how quickly I spiral.  I'm in full-on "If you give a mouse a cookie" mode.  Please pray for us, and for our poor house.  It has no idea what's about to hit it.

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todd said...

I'm glad it's beginning to come together and feel more homey (since it's our home for now)