technology hiatus. kind of. a little.

In a surprising turn of events, I spent time reading a book yesterday.  It has been a long season of having absolutely no capacity for concentration, and a deep need to veg out and not think about how sick I feel, so I've watched a lot of Netflix and read a lot of Facebook.  Let me clarify: I have watched a lot of Netflix, and read probably all of Facebook.  All of it.

So, the natural consequence of all that is that my brain has been replaced by mashed potatoes.  That's all that's in there.  When I try to think about anything of substance, all I hear in my head is the schlllluppp, schlllupppp, schllllluppp that is my Thoughts, trying to walk around in mashed potatoes. Schlllluppp.

So I'm in need of some detox.  January has been declared a Limited Facebook and Netflix month.  No reading threads and scanning feeds.  No watching shows if I'm not simultaneously engaged in some kind of productive activity, unless lingering sickness demands it.  You know - an effort to live a more human kind of life.

And in the last two days, I've kind of failed.  While I haven't allowed myself to scroll Facebook at all, I have peeked at the top post in my feed a couple of times.  I watched Friends while I ate some popcorn, which can only barely be classified as a form of productive activity because I'm pregnant and warding off hunger and sickness by any means necessary is a top priority and the most pressing task at nearly any given moment.

But - I've also made a little bit of progress!  Multiple podcast episodes listened to!  Nearly all of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe read!  Those mashed potatoes are putting up a fight, but in the most potatoey kind of way, so I know they're no match for sustained concerted effort.  I have hope that things will eventually right themselves in there, and I will be back to normal, underwhelming mental capacity soon.

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todd said...

Chambers called it "mental wool gathering"