turning over a new leaf.

The progress I've made on house projects over the course of the last couple of weeks has been so, so good for me.  It feels good to finally take some ownership of our home, and to stop whining about it and actually do something to make it feel more like 'us.'

The thing is, I've spent the last eight months that we've lived here bellyaching about how this house is not my cup of tea.  And honestly, most of it has been about matters of personal preference.  I'd prefer my house to have more light and a bigger kitchen.  I'd prefer the character of an older home.  But at the end of the day, there were a lot of reasons we did pick it - it fit our budget.  It fit our family size.  It had a basement family room, and an extra bathroom, and a fenced yard.  It was in a great location in town with high resale potential.  It had a new roof, new appliances, new water heater, and new vinyl windows.  It was - and obviously still is - a solid house with a lot of up-sides.  And honestly, of the 25-30 houses we saw in our price range, it was by far the best. 

I've been doing a lot of thinking about how I have been acting like I'm a victim of my circumstances - we had to church plant, we had to pick this less-than-perfect-for-me house, we had no choice.  But um, those are alternative facts.  The reality is that we chose.  We chose.  I chose.

So I'm moving forward in the actual reality of my choices.  I'm choosing to stop acting as though someone put a gun to my head and made me live here.  I'm choosing to stop acting as though we were somehow signed up, without our consent or foreknowledge, for a weird contest in which, if we endure living in some kind of haunted hovel for a set amount  time, we'll eventually win the house of our dreams.  No.  This is the home we chose, and for better or for worse, for however long our time here lasts, it's ours.  And I'm going to make it feel like ours to the best of my ability.

So I've got my sights set on some big and small projects that I'd love to get gradually checked off the list.  The living room, for one, is almost totally done - I ordered a rug the other day, and I stained the frame of a large print for over the couch.  Now, only a planter, another plant, another lamp, and a doormat stand in the way of checking off the 'finished' box for the living room.

Progress across the entire house will probably be slow, as we're on a limited budget and I'm often hindered by lack of time and motivation.  But it's progress, even if it's slow.  And taking ownership of my choices and my home has been a really great first step.


todd said...

this is really cool.

Heather said...

This is really great.
And not just because you used the phrase "alternative facts". ;)