christmas with the van voorsts.

Now that we're tons and tons of weeks out from the actual event, how about I share some Christmas photos with you all?

We started the morning with Atticus looking very grown-up.  And it wasn't just because the mug he was holding says "Best Dad Ever," which normally wouldn't be convincing when held by an eight-year-old.  But that morning he really did look like he could be someone's dad.  And he really did look like he'd "Dad" the heck out of that kid.

For breakfast, we had our traditional Christmas fare: Bagels and lox.  The kids mostly just ate bagels with cream cheese... all except Atticus, who ate like a regular boss dad: he not only ate bagels and lox with all the fixin's, but he sandwiched it all up and ate four of these bad boys.

After breakfast, it was gifty-gift time.  We started with stockings.  Along with dried fruit, chocolate, Christmas tree ornaments, Monsters Inc Band-Aids and stickers, the kids each got one personal gift in their stocking.  Laurelai got some peg doll princesses I made, Penelope got a book light, Atticus got a pocket knife for whittling, and Finneas got a flashlight. 

After opening their stockings, the kids took turns opening the gifts from under the tree.

Apparently, as Laurelai opened her gifts, she covertly started stockpiling them in her own little magpie hole to keep them away from the other kids.  Necessary survival skills in large family.

Later, while the grown-ups opened their gifts, three of the kids played with their new Lego table, which made itself right at home in the basement.  Penelope sat at the dining room table, writing letters on her new stationery, with her new multi-colored pen, aided by the glow of her new booklight.

After the busy morning, the house was trashed and the grownups were spent.  So we had hors d'oeuvres for lunch, and soup for dinner and called it a day.  A really, really good day.


todd said...

good times. atticus already be a better dad now than I will ever be later.

todd said...

p.s. those peg dolls tho, amiright? you should make a princess army of peg dolls for Lo.