what was up this week.

Okay, NOW I can tell you about how the week went.  And surprisingly, even though things seemed to start off on a rocky foot, it all went as smoothly as can be hoped for at this point in life.

The weather here has been craycray.  We began the week with a light dusting of snow and some temperatures in the thirties, so I sent the kids outside for a snow day.

Then it warmed way up and we had a few days in the upper sixties and lower seventies.  At one point I discovered Finneas running around outside with mittens on, but sans shoes.

Today, there's a forecast for a huge ice storm, with freezing rain and high winds, that is projected to last through Monday.  Todd's office and all the schools are closed today because it's supposed to get so bad.  Part of me wants to shake my fist at the weather for being so schizophrenic, but then I'm like, it's January, and no one can be expected to act rationally in January.  Not even the weather, I guess.  

In other news, we actually got a full week of school in without scrambling or falling off the wagon midweek.  We did move nature study to Wednesday from its regular slot this afternoon, since the weather was so much nicer then, and we'll spend today hunkering down, drinking tea and doing art all day.  

We read Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' this week, and the kids weirdly loved it.  (I'm still needing to be convinced of Shakespeare's plot-writing genius; when Todd asked what it was about, I was like, "It was Shakespeare.  Everyone was banishing everyone else, and trying to kill their brother, and falling in love with their enemy's daughter.  You know.  Shakespeare."  He's basically the original soap opera writer.)  But anyway, the kids insisted on creating a puppet show afterward, and when I couldn't find my Shakespeare finger puppet set, they created their own.  You should see Atticus' Orlando puppet.  It's so cute I want to eat it.  Or whatever.

Rocco ate an apple like a bare-chested boss.

We had a dance party, and this ensued.  Take a good, long look at this photo, as it is a rare glimpse of an indoors-yet-fully-clothed Finneas.  

The big kids are both hitting coming-of-age milestones as we speak:  Atticus is nearing the end of his very first independent read-through of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Penelope has just jumped in to Anne of Green Gables.  So at night, after the little kids are in bed, the big kids and I will cozy up in our respective reading spots in the living room and do what Van Voorsts do best:  watch Netflix.  I mean, read books.

Other than that, it's been a pretty typical week.  On Tuesday, a couple of friends came over to help me deal with some of the maelstrom that comes every Tuesday in the name of prepping to host Connection Group.  I have been having such a hard time juggling everything lately, and Tuesdays are especially hard: a full homeschool day, morning sickness, top-to-bottom housecleaning, and dinner prep for extra guests, not to mention needing to actually shower and put on make up, all end up converging in a hurricane of great weeping and gnashing of teeth.  So a couple friends have offered to start coming early on Tuesdays to help with cleaning and dinner management, and LET ME TELL YOU WHAT - it was so helpful.  I kind of hate having to accept help like this, but it really did make a difference.

And that was our week!  Good, full, pretty normal; just like I like it.

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