i have done something(s)!

So, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have been killing it at life over the last couple of days.  Toot, toot.

I'm probably back to 80% normal functioning now that morning sickness and fatigue are finally starting to wear off (and considering I'm 18 weeks along, it's about freaking time).  So I'm apparently trying to make up for lost time and do all the things.

I painted the bathroom - ceiling, trim and walls.  I rearranged the basement and unpacked all our books - there are only two unpacked boxes in the basement at the current moment!  (Which, if you'd seen our basement at any point in the past eight months since we moved in, you'd know was a major feat.)  On Saturday I went to Menard's with a friend to pick out lumber for a mudroom-style locker system we'll be building for the garage.  I cleaned out the garage in order to make space for Aforementioned Locker System.  I helped Todd re-secure the legs on our dining room table.  And I ate a salad.

That last bullet point seems a little anticlimactic at first glance, but let me tell you it has been months since I've been able to stomach a vegetable.  I have been living on such nutritious staples as bagels, mac and cheese, cola, bean burritos and ramen.  No meat.  No fruits or veggies.  No good, clean water.  Not even a prenatal vitamin.  All those things have made me barf.  So you can imagine my feeling of victory when I ate a salad yesterday - with a couple pieces of chicken on top, to boot!  (Granted, when I say salad, what I really mean is 'lettuce swimming in ranch dressing,' so it wasn't exactly a superfood, but baby steps.)

Why am I telling you all this?  To lend credence to my assertion that I'm tired.  Like, bone tired.  Just painting the bathroom alone made my feet ache like no other.  By the end of the day, I was all groaning and aching and flopped over on the couch like I'd just gladiatored a lion or something, and all I'd done was get up onto, and then down off of, a chair a couple of times in order to reach the ceiling.  Dang. 

I have never felt so very 'thirty.  and also pregnant.' in my life.  I'm getting old, guys.


todd said...

like wine

the jersk. said...

now it's time to hibernate until the baby comes.

lauren said...

so good!