whut's up ~weekly.

I didn't post a W.U.W. last week because I was too exhausted from all the lengthy posts I'd written earlier in the week.  I think you can tell that I live a difficult life.  So this is a wrap-up of the past two weeks.


Last week was a break week, so even though we were super busy with writing blog posts, it didn't interfere with school.  (I kid, I kid.  Last week was a blur, but it was due to tons of appointments and unusual grocery shopping days and play dates.)

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time!  Yeah, it's a little late in the game, and I've already seen the kiddo once on ultrasound, but we couldn't 'catch' the heartbeat with the Doppler thing at my first appointment, so it was fun to actually hear its little innards working away, doing their own tiny person thing.

I have started reading books again.  It's hard.  I can tell the 'concentration' part of my brain has atrophied over the last year.  So it's slow going, but it's going.  And look - don't I have the best reading buddy?  Here, he's helping me sound out words in "The Underground Railroad."

Other highlights include the fact that Penelope lost another tooth (though I'll spare you the photo, as it's basically just a picture of a gaping, bloody hole in her gums.  After dark, and under incandescent lighting.)

Rocco apparently likes cheese.  And saying 'cheese.'

The Dark Baby toddled to Gotham Kitchen.

Also?  Here are some explanation-less photos, since I feel a bout of morning sickness rearing its head and I need to wrap things up.

It was in the sixties a few days ago, so we had all the windows open.  (Then yesterday, it snowed.)

Like Grandma Jacqi, like Mommy.  And like Mommy, like Laurelai.

(Please don't ask me why a half-naked Michael Phelps is standing next to a small child on the back of a gardening magazine.  I have no answer for you.)

Finneas had a pretty standard week.

We started taking this round of pregnancy photos.

And last night, the kids came up with this amazing game called "Paint Mommy."  Basically, they just took dry art brushes and spent like an hour 'painting' me.  The face painting was my favorite, and I basically ended up all comatose and 'zen'ed out like a total pothead.  It felt awesome.  I fully endorse "Paint Mommy."

And that's our story.  I'd stick around to ask how your week was and everything, but I need go hang my head in a toilet for a while.  It's a glamorous life, this 'growing babies' business.


todd said...

Finneas jumping though, amiright?

todd said...

Also Lo getting splashed by Finn. So cute!!!

Heather said...

What's that darling Anne of Green Gables book?!

paige said...

Barnes and Noble has these really, really adorable, affordable leather bound versions of lots of classic books - I'll see if I can find the link for you...

paige said...

the jersk. said...

lord i love your family.

the jersk. said...

also, lord loves a working man.

the jersk. said...

don't trust whitey.