I was just about to write about how the week has gone, and how it's been a busy one - busy, but good - and I was about to upload stuff from the camera card so that I could find photos for What's Up Weekly... when I was suddenly like, "Hey Dumdum!  It's only Tuesday!"

I have a feeling I'm in for a long week.  Probably one full of mistakes and missed appointments.  Oh well.  That's just who I am and how I roll now.

Unfortunately, it means that today's planned post is a bust, since I still have a few more days to live through before I have any authority to write a blog post about how my week has gone.  So... I guess that's all I'm here to say.

Just so I don't feel like I've entirely wasted your time in popping over here today, let me tell you what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast: bacon, egg, RC Cola

School time: lemon La Croix, two giant bagels with too much cream cheese

Lunch: ramen (although, I feel like I must mention that it was fancy GF ramen from the Asian food section, made with 'forbidden rice' and miso powder, and while it was actually delicious, it was black.  Like, black.  The noodles were purple-black.  The broth was brown-black.  I could not stop imagining that the whole bowl was actually just compost worms swimming around in swamp water.  I ate it, but I won't be buying it again.)  Also, RC Cola.

Dinner (and this is where things start disintegrating): four packs of Gushers, some Nut Thins, some Boursin, and about fourteen pounds of Red Hots.  And a lemon La Croix.  And then another lemon La Croix.

I think a few things are made clear by this list:

1. I am starting to branch out of my early-pregnancy food limitations, but I've picked some weird stuff to start with.

2.  We spend way more money on canned beverages than we should, because water still makes me throw up.

3.  I eat very little protein, and NO fresh foods.  After breakfast, it's basically all carbs.  This baby is at a serious disadvantage.  Please pray for its health and well being.


todd said...

who would have thought black soup would be so unappealing?

the jersk. said...

yepp. our eating habits are the exact same. i'm really jealous of your gusher intake. this kid is definitely going to come out mostly carbs. or if i'm lucky, a potato.

the jersk. said...

this kid being my kid.