what's up (weekly this time!)

This week has been a bit more productive than previous weeks have been, and it feels good.  I'm finally getting to a point where I'm starting to have consistent stretches each day where I feel pretty close to normal, as long as I can stay ahead of getting hungry.  I'm still pretty limited in regards to what I can stomach, but as long as I stick to the tried-and-true foods, I end up doing pretty well throughout the day.

Because I'm so stoked to finally have more energy, I kind of find myself going overboard and trying to make up for all the work and projects I've slacked on lately, and then I wear myself out and am completely useless for the rest of the day, because I'm still dead tired.  Oh well, even working half-days is more than I was doing, so I've gotten caught up on quite a bit, and have even plunged ahead with some bigger projects.

First, I took down the Christmas tree and put away all the decorations and ornaments.  Then, I took all the Lowe's gift cards we've been asking for as birthday/Christmas gifts over the course of the last year and I bought closet systems for the nursery and the boys' room, living room paint, and garage shelving.  So I spent a few hours assembling and installing the various shelves, and then unpacking boxes of stuff that now has a place to go!  It is a great, great feeling.

Especially because our garage was looking like this:

YIKES.  It's looking much better now, although I still have a ways to go.  Our garage holds everything from decor, to carseats, to yard toys, to strollers, to suitcases, to school supplies and curriculum, to all our coats and shoes.  It will be a while before this space is totally under control, but a friend of ours is going to come over soon and help us build some coat lockers, and I have a bunch of stuff to take to Goodwill, including a loveseat, so that will definitely clear some more space.  I'm feeling hopeful.

I also finished painting our living room/dining room/hallway area, and it looks precisely ONE MILLION TIMES BETTER.  Guys, there's starting to be some light at the end of the tunnel. 

In other news, Laurelai got to go on a Daddy Date with Todd, and they both loved every second of it.  He took her to the mall for pizza and strawberry smoothies, and to watch the carousel.

The pizza was about as big as she is.

Atticus and Rocco have really been hitting it off lately.  It's not unheard of for Atticus to get down from the dinner table, or leave his Lego Cave, for the sole purpose of finding and then snuggling Rocco.  Any time he even sees a picture of another baby or some kind of fuzzy animal, he goes, "Awww, it just makes me want to hug Rocco!"  It is insanely adorable and just seriously too much for me to handle with any kind of composure.  Which is why I'm about to post way more photos of it than are necessary for you to get the picture.


Annnd, lastly, just because it's too cute to not share, here's Rocco, hamming it up in a giant sweatsuit.

It's been a good, good week.  How was yours?

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todd said...

It is a great feeling watching the ones you love show love to those you love