'what's up' whenever.

These last few weeks have been full of rest and anticipation of Christmas.  It has been so great, doing things like snuggling up with the kids in the evenings to watch Christmas movies.  We're gathering quite the DVD collection, because Lord knows we can't rely on Netflix to have anything decent: even though their Christmas movie game has lots of players, it's far from strong.  Unless you want to see fourteen versions of the same Hallmark baloney on repeat ("She goes home for the holidays; she meets some guy in the airport/on the street/at the auto repair place; they fall in love; health crisis ensues for one or both; Christmas solves the problem"). 

No thanks, friend-o.  Some of the classics we enjoyed this year were the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Nativity Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Muppet Christmas Carol, and Home Alone (which I watched by myself, as Todd was gone, and the kids aren't quite old enough).  Todd also bought the claymation Rudolph movie, which we never got around to watching before Christmas, so there may be an encore showing sometime this weekend.

In other news from the past couple of weeks, Todd kept me well-stocked in pregnancy-survival supplies.  You are looking at the source of approximately 75% of my entire nutrient profile over the last ten weeks. I think it's safe to guess that this coming child will be a genius.  Perhaps even with an extra arm or leg, to boot.  #overachiever

Rocco has been trying his hand at climbing on anything and everything that he can - meaning, anything and everything he finds that is approximately 2-4 inches off the ground.  Daredevil.  (And yes, he IS wearing a head-to-toe sweatshirt-onesie and girl socks.  Because I know you were wondering.)


Todd took advantage of some of his extra days off to take the kids out on Daddy Dates.  He took Atticus out on his birthday earlier this month, so last Friday he took Penelope out to breakfast at McDonald's, per her request, and on Monday, he took Finneas to Five Guys for dinner.  Next Monday, it will be Lo's turn.

For Christmas, Rocco got a highchair/booster seat that pushes right up to the table, and he's been pretty thrilled about getting to sit with the big kids at meals.  (Also?  He got an amber teething necklace.  I have yet to log enough hours with this thing to say whether I believe it works or not, but dang, it's cute.)

The weather has been outrageously mild.  I spent Christmas Eve grilling (and raking leaves away from the grill so that we wouldn't set the whole yard ablaze with a single rogue spark).  All in my sweatpants, because I still feel like a bag of barf.

The day after Christmas, the kids played outside in their jackets.  I'm pretty sure I can predict how at least one of them will die, if this playhouse stays with us much longer.

In pregnancy news, Laurelai is currently sporting a rounder belly than I am.  Hers is cuter than mine will ever be.

And lastly, I am working on finishing the paint job in our main living area that I started almost three months ago.  I had gotten two walls done (out of nine) and then got pregnant and sick, so I've spent the last however-many-weeks laying on the couch and staring at the abomination that has been my two-toned walls.  After a couple of dedicated days this week, I am SO VERY CLOSE to finishing.  But wouldn't you know it, I have two and a half walls left to go, and I ran out of paint.  So this morning may hold an unplanned trip to Lowe's so I can look forward to a job finally done.  (And then I can start on the bathroom... and kitchen... and basement.  OH Lord.)

SO. MUCH. CUTTING. IN.  I just left the curtain rod hardware up because I Just Couldn't Deal with getting out the screwdriver one more time.  It ended up being okay in the end.

Whew.  It's been a good, full couple of weeks.  And I didn't even get around to telling you about Christmas - I'll cover that next week!


todd said...

Bag of barf. Hilarious.

YAYA said...

Rocco appears to be a natural surfer! Hang ten, little buddy. He's totally got the moves!