our """"""mudroom""""""" (heavy sarcasm).

Oh, guys.  I'm almost embarrassed to tell you what I'm going to tell you.  Or show you what I'm going to show you.  Can I have just a minute to give some backstory so you don't totally judge me later on in the post?

When we bought this house, what we liked about it was the extra living space it had - it has four bedrooms (one more than our last house), two bathrooms (one more than our last house) and a separate basement family room (again, more space than our last house).  As far as living space goes, this house is stellar.  ...As far as storage space goes, this house is sorely lacking.  Basically the entire house is finished living space.

The only storage spaces we have, besides bedroom closets, are a single car garage and my laundry room.  That's it.  No attic storage, no basement storage, nothing under the eaves.  In those regards, this house is the least functional place we've ever lived.

So, I'm trying to do what I can to make it work.  My clothing bins are currently stored in my laundry room, although I literally don't have space for even one more single bin, so when the big kids move up a size, I'm going to be in a pickle.  Also stored in our laundry room are all of our homeschool curricula, CD's and movies, painting supplies, cleaning supplies, the kids' shoe bins, and my scrapbooking files.  There is barely any room left for laundry.

The right side of our laundry room.

The left side of the laundry room.  I still need to get rid of the old crapped-out washer...  

So... what to with all my decor (which is still packed up in moving boxes), my Christmas decorations, our school supplies, our yard gear, our suitcases, my great-grandmother's crystal set, our tools, the coolers, etc etc etc...?  Plus, our bedrooms are so small that Todd's dresser doesn't fit in the house, so we needed to find a spot for that so he still had access to things like socks and underwear.  Not to mention we don't even have an entryway closet or any place near the door to keep coats and shoes...  What on earth were we going to do?  (Other than the option to stop being hoarders, like this list makes us sound.)

Using the attached single-car garage was our only option.  This is all I have.  It has become our mudroom-slash-storage room.  As there is no shelving or available organization, IT IS NOT PRETTY.  IT IS SO NOT PRETTY.  And I am losing my mind.

This is our "mudroom":

There are no hooks that the kids can reach themselves.  There is a small basket for shoes that is clearly inadequate.  It is freezing cold out here, so people (ahem, I) never want to spend much time out here trying to keep things organized.

I can't take it anymore.  All I want for Christmas is a magical shelving elf to come in and tap his wand around and click his little heels, and give me some shelves for my Christmas boxes and decor, a hanging bar for storing out-of-season coats, some lockers/cubbies for coats and shoes, and some rafter hooks for bikes.  Also, if he could haul away the loveseat and coffee table that are out there that I still need to get rid of, I would greatly appreciate it.  (For an elf, he's quite muscular and capable of hauling furniture, so I'm really not being unreasonable.)

I spend a weird, unhealthy amount of time dreaming about what this garage could achieve with just a little bit of vertical storage.  AND SO VERY MANY COAT HOOKS AND SHOE CUBBIES.

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todd said...

we need helper shELVES