jumping back into some bible reading.

My Bible reading has been abysmal this year.  In fact, all my reading has been abysmal this year.  Remember this post from January, in which I outlined 'a few' books I'd like to read this year?  Or this post, in which I lamented how few books I read last year?  Well, this year I'd give anything to have last year's record.  I mean, I know it's only December, so I still have a month to pull a miracle out of  my hat, but so far I have read seven books.  Seven.  Books.

And my Bible reading record is even worse.  I doubt I've even finished a single book of the Bible this entire year.  I had lofty goals at the beginning of the year - somewhere around here floats a printout of a six-month Bible read-through plan.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  In what life did I ever think that would be realistic?

I mean, in my defense, at the time I had made all these reading goals, I was still living in Iowa, with no plans of moving, with the easier yoke of an Iowa homeschool schedule.  I had a newborn, so I figured my year would involve lots of hunkering down and gently working our way back to normal.  I did not figure we'd sell our house, buy a new one in a new state, help start a church, see Todd through a couple months of unemployment, and juggle new homeschool expectations.  Sometimes I'm astonished by how my life always ends up looking so different from my expectations, even over a short period of time.  Never a dull moment around here, but it can be a bit defeating sometimes.

All that to say, though, I'm setting a goal to read the book of John in the month of December.  I'm at a point where I need this.  I'm just feeling really tired and drained and isolated, and I need to be reminded of God's power and also his friendship.  And I'm ready to at least commit to a month.  Twenty-one chapters.  That's all.  And then I'll set the next small goal.  It's all I have in me for now, but I feel like it's enough to slowly start moving forward.

So wish me luck - and join me in reading through John this month if you want to!  

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done, done and done